Plans for Great War play

Biggleswade Amateur Theatrical Society in rehearsals
Biggleswade Amateur Theatrical Society in rehearsals

Momentum is building for a poignant First World War play, as organisers stage a charity walk and a poetry competition to raise awareness.

Home By Christmas will be performed by the Biggleswade Amateur Theatrical Society in November.

Written by group member Andrew Leftwich, it tells the story of two newlyweds who are torn apart by the sudden onset of the war.

It is partly inspired by the story of his grandparents.

Andrew said: “I sat down to write, and I had lots of memorabilia that my mum kept, my grandfather’s war medals and a 97-year-old telegram telling him about the birth of his son.

“It’s not about my grandparents as such. It’s a fictional story butI used them as a basis.”

Andrew, who is also a member of the Biggleswade History Society, used Ken Wood’s account of Biggleswade at the time for reference, as well as old copies of the Chronicle.

Staging productions is increasingly difficult, and the society has resorted to fundraising to help meet some of the costs.

A 50-mile charity walk on September 27 will involve members visiting 16 war memorials within a five-mile radius of Biggleswade.

All proceeds will be shared with charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers. Email for details.

A poetry competition also opens on September 4, with the winning entry forming part of the production

Home by Christmas will be staged at The Weatherly Centre on November 19 and 21.