Playtime’s over thanks to Aragon toys ruling

Play equipment at Winston Crescent in Biggleswade
Play equipment at Winston Crescent in Biggleswade

Children will no longer be able to enjoy playing outside thanks to a ruling from Aragon Housing Association.

Jaki Green, 33, has a five-year-old son who enjoys playing just outside their flat at Winston Crescent, often with up to 10 other children as well.

The trampoline Aragon has demanded to be removed

The trampoline Aragon has demanded to be removed

However, last week, a representative from Aragon told Jaki due to possible insurance claims the larger items such as a trampoline and paddling pool would need to be removed.

Jaki said: “I think it is disgusting. Me and my friend personally bought the play equipment for the children to use as the parks are too far away. It means I can sit outside with my son while he plays with a smile on his face.”

Jaki suffers with arthritis which stops her from travelling far and some of the play equipment has been outside her property for two years.

Last week a housing officer from Aragon said he would be hand delivering letters to residents in the blocks giving them seven days notice to remove any items on the public areas.

Gill Higginson, Head of Housing Management at Aragon, said: “Aragon Housing Association has taken the decision that large play equipment items, such as trampolines or paddling pools, currently being used in the gardens of Winston Crescent and any other communal gardens will need to be removed.

“This is on account of advice from our insurers due to the potential for claims in the event of injury to residents and non-residents.

“There is no issue with smaller toys that can be taken inside when the children have finished playing with them. We are looking into whether there is any way we can resolve this issue.”

Jaki added she had been advised to send the children to use the nearby ‘triangle’ area but described the playing field as a “dog mess, rubbish-filled patch of grass.”

After putting the news on the ‘We Love Biggleswade’ Facebook page and getting over 120 comments Jaki decided to start a petition.

You can sign the petition which so far has over 220 signatures at