Poignant moment for boy saved by air ambulance

Josh cutting the ribbon, alongside his family, the deputy mayor and mayoress and the Magpas retail team
Josh cutting the ribbon, alongside his family, the deputy mayor and mayoress and the Magpas retail team

It was a poignant moment for brave 12-year-old Josh Bright, when he opened Bedfordshire’s first Magpas Air Ambulance charity shop, in Sandy.

The air ambulance came to Josh’s rescue in 2014, when he was left critically injured and fighting for his life following a horrific traffic collision.

On Monday August 7, Josh and his family joined the deputy mayor of Sandy Mike Scott and his wife Lynda to officially open the Magpas Air Ambulance charity shop.

Before cutting the ribbon, Josh, from Wootton, said: “I’d like to thank Magpas for saving my life and saving the lives of others.”

Mr Scott said: “I’ve followed the work of Magpas Air Ambulance for a long time and it’s lovely to see how much the charity has evolved over the years.”

Josh’s mum, Sam, said: “We were in such a bad place after Josh’s incident, it’s amazing to see how much things have changed and be able to be part of the really good and exciting side of this charity.

“It was such a privilege to even be considered to open the new charity shop and be a part of this day. It’s meant the world to Josh and our family.”

In December 2014, Josh was involved in a horrific incident in Bedford when he was crushed between two cars, leaving him with critical injuries.

Thankfully, the air ambulance’s enhanced doctor and paramedic team was able to make a crucial difference, giving him hospital-level care at the scene before taking him to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for further treatment.

On September 2, Josh, his parents and his younger sister will be setting off on a 30.6-mile walk, in aid of the air ambulance charity that helped save his life.

The family are setting off from the site of Josh’s accident, on Tavistock Street in Bedford, and walking to Sandy, before heading to Addenbrooke’s, in Cambridge.

Dad Nick said: “It’s an honour to promote a cause that’s so close to our hearts, for obvious reasons.

“Without the care from Magpas Air Ambulance that night, I dread to think what the outcome would have been.

“As for the walk, it’s our sign of appreciation for everything Magpas did for us and for thousands of other seriously ill and injured patients in the east of England and beyond.”

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