‘Badly parked cars near Biggleswade’s Royal Oak Close mean emergency vehicles can’t pass’

A frustrated Biggleswade resident is urging Central Bedfordshire and Biggleswade Town councils to stop “irresponsible” parking near Royal Oak Close.

The resident claims employees from local businesses park their cars there during the day, blocking access for pedestrians, motorists and emergency vehicles.

Dan Albone car park (left) and the entrance to Royal Oak Close (right).

Dan Albone car park (left) and the entrance to Royal Oak Close (right).

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, alleged: “Ever since the town council introduced parking charges to the Dan Albone Car Park, residents have endured inconsiderate parking from businesses, where employees park their cars all day blocking the narrow entrance to Royal Oak Close.

“Cars are left on the pavement so pedestrians cannot pass, and along the entrance, sometimes blocking access so even a car is unable to pass.

“One resident had an unfortunate incident a couple of weeks ago where an ambulance had to be called – thankfully it was a Saturday afternoon and the workers had gone. However, if it had been during the morning, the emergency vehicle would not have got through.

“Residents have contacted the council, who are considering double yellow lines, but these would require extra resources for enforcement - namely from tax payers.

“The town council have been approached with a sensible suggestion of giving the workers an access permit to the car park, which is often now empty. However no reply has been received.”

A Biggleswade Town Council spokeswoman said: “We’re aware of issues of parking on the entrance to Royal Oak Close and fully support the introduction of yellow lines.

“Biggleswade currently has enforcement officers who patrol both on- and off-street parking at no additional burden to the public purse.

“ Workers are available to purchase parking permits for Dan Albone car park and some have already taken this option up.”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman said: “We have listened to the concerns and frustrations of local residents, which are clearly heartfelt. Our plan now is to install bollards which will protect the entrance to the close, which we’ll undertake as soon as we are able.”