500 new homes allocated in Great Barford's neighbourhood plan will mean a 'significant sum of money' for the village

The plan was 'made' at Bedford Borough Council's Executive meeting

By John Guinn, Local Democracy Reporter
Friday, 21st January 2022, 4:42 pm

Provision for 500 new homes in Great Barford will bring a 'significant' sum of money to the village, according to Bedford Borough Council' s mayor.

The Great Barford plan was agreed at a meeting of Bedford Borough Council's Executive, following a referendum.

Bedford Mayor, Dave Hodgson said: “With the making of the Great Barford Neighbourhood Plan this evening we will have 11 neighbourhood plans in place in the borough.

Great Barford

“These are plans that reflect local decisions about a range of local issues and are the result of years of hard work by local residents.”

The mayor told the Executive that there are “significant benefits” to having a neighbourhood plan in place, with the main advantages that made plans are part of the statutory development plan and their local policies are given full weight in planning decisions.

“Whilst most plans will include housing allocations to help meet the borough’s housing need, we have seen neighbourhood plans cover a much broader range of subjects, reflecting issues that are of most concern to local people,” he said.

“Importantly, the making of neighbourhood plans brings with it an uplift in the amount of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) that the parish will receive when developments take place, an increase from 15 per cent to 25 per cent of the total CIL paid.

“In Great Barford, where 500 new homes are allocated in the Neighbourhood Plan this will be a significant sum of money.

“Unsurprisingly, therefore, the Neighbour Plan contains a comprehensive list of local infrastructure projects that could be funded from CIL receipts and also secured through section 106 agreements where appropriate,” he added.

“Many seek to secure environmental improvements in parish, public rights of way, creating new green space and planting trees.

“But the list is diverse and extensive in supporting provision of health facilities, improving sustainable travel, in combating anti-social behaviour and investigating the possibility of a youth club or youth drop-in centre in the village.

“All examples of how through Neighbourhood Plans, the planning system can help to deliver wider benefits for existing residents alongside new development.

“Again the local referendum returned a clear majority in favour of the neighbourhood plan, and we can congratulate the community on their plan’s successful completion,” he said.

The report showed that from an electorate of 1713, the turnout was 382 (22%) and the votes in favour were 304 with 77 against. There wasn’t an explanation in the report for the one remaining vote.

The Executive agreed to ‘make’ the plan.