MP ‘strongly’ opposes plans for 416 homes north of Biggleswade

Biggleswade’s MP has written a letter to Central Bedfordshire Council declaring strong opposition to the planning application for Land North of Biggleswade.

The proposal, submitted by Hallam Land Management, is for up to 416 dwellings near Furzenhall Road including affordable housing and green infrastructure.

Furzenhall Road. Credit: Google Maps.  To comment, search  for application CB/19/04301/OUT on  CBC's website.

Furzenhall Road. Credit: Google Maps. To comment, search for application CB/19/04301/OUT on CBC's website.

However, Richard Fuller, MP for North East Beds, is 
urging CBC to think carefully.

The letter states: “I share the concerns of my constituents and the Town Council 
regarding this application.

“1) The application does not demonstrate that the scale and location of the development would be sustainable.

“2) The application does not demonstrate that highway and public safety has been considered. The general location of the site, the limited access to the site, and its proximity to a school have led to concerns being raised with me that the safety of pedestrians and road users cannot be guaranteed.

“3) I support the Town Council’s comments about the Transport Assessment. The Town Council has come to the conclusion that the applicant’s modelling formula does not adequately represent the difficulties which would arise at some of the road junctions and that there has not been an assessment of the dangers inherent in the location of the proposed housing.

“I join with local residents and the town council in strongly opposing the application”

Cllr Grant Fage, of Biggleswade Town Council, said: “It’s quite rare for an MP to take a position on a single planning application and it is refreshing to have his support.

“It’s definitely not a done deal. It’s easy to think that a planning application is inevitable, but it’s not. If people don’t support it then they should object.”

The submission date for comments is now February 17.

In its Planning Statement, Hallam Land Management said: “It is acknowledged that the proposal conflicts with the adopted development plan in that it seeks permission for the provision of housing outside of the currently adopted settlement boundary of Biggleswade.

“However, the emerging plan, which has allocated the application site for residential development, is at an advanced stage and is based on up to date evidence on housing needs. The need to ensure that Central Bedfordshire continues to deliver housing in a sustainable manner is considered to be a significant material consideration that justifies a departure from the adopted development plan.

“The proposal should be approved without delay because the proposal represents sustainable development, there are no clear reasons for refusing the scheme and any adverse impacts would not outweigh the benefits of providing dwellings in this sustainable location.”