Refurbishment for town’s largest free car park could start in the spring

Rose Lane'former school now apartments'Biggleswade'April 2009
Rose Lane'former school now apartments'Biggleswade'April 2009

Work to improve a town’s major car park could begin as early as spring.

Back in August 2013 we reported that Biggleswade Town Council had approved plans to buy and refurbish Rose Lane car park.

But the sale fell through after the landlord backed out.

Now, after a long negotiation, the car park has been secured for a guaranteed further four years.

Work to resurface the car park, mark out parking bays, and fix flooding problems could be approved next month.

Councillor Madeline Russell explained: “Obviously the car park is very important to the town, and if we lose it we’re in difficulty as a town.

“We decided it was so important to the town that we had to do the work, even if we only have it for another four years.”

However, the council hopes it will be able to secure a long-term plan for the car park in the future.

As well as correcting the drainage issue – which renders large parts of the car park unusable in heavy rain – Madeline hopes that properly marking out spaces could add as many as 15 more spaces.