Revised design for new Sandy Skatepark revealed

'We hope that this rather unique design will appeal to a wide range of users'

By Joanna Gravett
Thursday, 9th December 2021, 12:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th December 2021, 1:01 pm

The revised concept design for a new skatepark in Sandy has been revealed this week, alongside news of further fundraising success.

Sandy Town Council’s appointed contractor, Maverick Skateparks, have developed the potential design for the new skate facility, based on feedback from prospective users in the initial design survey and at Sandy’s recent Pride of Place event.

The updated design has been produced by listening to the needs of local riders of all kinds: skateboard, scooter and BMX.

Image: Maverick Skateparks.

A Sandy Skatepark Project spokeswoman said: "It’s hoped that this vision better reflects their aspirations for the new skatepark."

Maverick explained the concept behind the new design: “This revised design for Sandy reflects the strong desire for bowls and the many requests for a pump track, by fusing those elements into a cohesive skatepark.

"A central wide mini ramp with bowled end can be sessioned as part of the main park, or independently as a mini ramp, while the orbital pump track can still operate as a separate zone.

"The outer pump track has gentle slopes rolling into it, making it accessible to all and leads to 'flyouts', which are also hipped into the mini ramp.

Image: Maverick Skateparks.

"On the outside is a bank to ledge providing some street-style opportunities. The central space of the pump track has a small volcano/box.

"There are a multitude of flowing lines around the space and we hope that this rather unique design will appeal to a wide range of users.”

Sandy Skatepark Project will continue to work with Maverick to develop the design, based on feedback from the community.

It is hoped to hold more face-to-face engagement sessions in January to discuss the updated vision for the skatepark and work towards a final design.

Image: Maverick Skateparks.

If you would like to join a skatepark design engagement session, please comment on the Sandy Skatepark Facebook Page:, or contact Sandy Town Council at [email protected] or on 01767 681 491.

The project has recently been successful in its bid for another significant grant contribution from a company working in the local area.

Adding to existing grant funding secured from various organisations and companies, this brings the total of funds raised for the project so far to over £110,000.

The Sandy Skatepark Project team is continuing the fundraising work, as more funding is still needed to realise the aim of providing a new, high-quality,concrete skatepark in Sandy.

Image: Maverick Skateparks.

Businesses who have any funding opportunities which could support this important community asset and might like to get involved in the project should contact Sandy Town Council.

Image: Maverick Skateparks.