Speeding when life is in danger

You might just avoid prosecution for speeding in future - if you are protecting life and limb or on a matter of national security.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 31st January 2014, 12:00 pm
Speed limit sign.40 mph.
Speed limit sign.40 mph. 100203M-B396

Mike Hayward a specialist in motoring defence at Woodfines Solicitors, Bedford, has advice on proposed changes to prosecution for motoring offences.

He said: “‘The protection of life and limb or national security’. If you can utter these words next time you are caught speeding or go through a red light, you could avoid prosecution. That is, if you are a spy working for MI5 or MI6!

“New Government proposals to give impunity for speeding and other motoring offences will also be extended to blood and organ donor vehicles, bomb disposal teams and mountain rescuers.

“These groups of people will join the police, ambulance and fire service in being able to speed if they can argue that life and limb, or national security, was in jeopardy.” 

A total of 93% of people consulted on these proposals were in support of the plans being passed. The drivers concerned will be expected to undertake high speed driving training to ensure they can act and respond safely on the roads. 

Mr Hayward said: “Clearly, in a number of situations, time can save lives so this is a welcome announcement. However, not all of us can be James Bond, so the rest of us must continue to abide by the rules of the road.”

For further information or advice on motoring offences, contact Mike Hayward on 01908 202 150 or [email protected]