Potton's poignant concert for Armistice centenary

Remembering the fallen
Remembering the fallen

The Amici Singers and the Ensemble of Friends held a Remembrance Day concert at St Mary’s Church, Potton, in commemoration of the end of the First World War, presented by Douglas Coombes MBE.

The programme included war poems read by Rev Gill Smith and choir members and a selection of well-known music from the era.

The highlight was a suite of music by Douglas Coombes called Anthems for Doomed Youth, which included a piece written to the poem Anthem for Doomed Youth by the poet Wilfred Owen, accompanied on the trumpet by Thomas Fountain, who also played the Elegy from Anthems for Doomed Youth, with Trevor Hughes.

At the end of the final movement, The Last Post was played by Thomas Fountain.

Movingly, Rev Gill Smith read out the names of all the young soldiers from Potton while the choirs softly hummed Deep Peace.

Four flag bearers from local uniformed groups lowered the flags during the singing and raised them again during the last hymn.

The retiring collection raised over £500 for Help For Heroes, and after the concert refreshments were served in the Village Community Centre.