Pub apologises after refusing to heat up water

The Yorkshire Grey in Biggleswade
The Yorkshire Grey in Biggleswade

A pub in Biggleswade refused to warm up water for a baby’s mother leaving her furious and frustrated.

Charlene Kiff, 31, was enjoying a meal at The Yorkshire Grey, situated on London Road when she encountered the problem.

The only way I could warm up the water was by running it under the hot tap in the toilets for 20 minutes!

Charlene Kiff, Biggleswade resident

She is a regular visitor to the pub and has never been refused the service before which left her even more shocked.

However, Greene King, the brewery who own the pub, has since admitted they were wrong and issued an apology.

Charlene said: “I asked for a hot jug of water from behind the bar but they said they couldn’t do it.

“They told me Greene King (the brewery of the pub) put a stop to it two weeks previously.

“The only way I could warm up the water was by running it under the hot tap in the toilets for 20 minutes!

“They could have at least had a sign out to warn those with babies they were no longer offering the service.

“Furthermore I had just bought lunch, there was nobody else in the pub and they were very rude to me which made me cross.”

Greene King said no such ‘new’ policy had come into effect and they apologised for the misunderstanding.

A spokesperson said: “While we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming environment and great service at our pubs, it is clear that we did not meet our usual high standards on this occasion.

“We have looked into this and, while the Yorkshire Grey does not provide jugs of hot water at tables, in future the team at the family-friendly pub will be happy to heat baby bottles behind the bar.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to the customer, and hope that we are able to welcome this family back soon.”

At hearing the response from Greene King, Charlene said: “I am happy they have admitted they are wrong but I still don’t think I would go back there after the way I was treated.”