RAF Henlow Thrift Shop volunteers present funds to charities

Cheque Presentations at Henlow Thrift Shop
Cheque Presentations at Henlow Thrift Shop

Volunteers who run a shop in Henlow have helped raise funds for a number of local good causes.

A presentation ceremony was held at the RAF Henlow Thrift Shop when a total of £1,700 was handed over.

The sum of £500 was given to The Garden House Hospice, Letchworth, Stondon’s Good Neighbours and Langford Friends, and £200 was given to the UK Stem Cell.

Different local charities are chosen each year to receive monies that have been raised in the shop, and the shop committee agree the importance of supporting these local causes.

The Thrift Shop is managed by a band of volunteers who give up their time to sort out the goods that the shop receives and sell them when the shop is open, which is twice a week.

90% of the money made from the sale goes back to the owner of the goods and 10% is banked in the shop accounts to be donated to charities once a year.

A spokesman for the shop said: “To be able to present £1,700 out to charities indicates how hard the volunteers must work to be able to reach such a target.

“All of this is achieved by the kind permission of the Station Commander.”

The presentation held on March 22 was made in the shop with the volunteers and representatives from the charities.