Rain could not dampen town’s annual show and entertainment

Potton Show
Potton Show

The 44th Potton Show was as usual well supported and an excellent weekend. The rain held off until 3pm and then it poured but fortunately the Letchworth Morris Men were able to complete their display in the marquee and the visitors were able to shelter there.

The rained stopped and the crowds were able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon on St Mary’s field, on Saturday, September 9, being entertained by circus skills, balloon modelling, coconut shy and many more side shows. The History Society produced an interesting display for locals.

Potton Show

Potton Show

This year there were 153 exhibitors with many exhibits. Three sisters won the 6-8 year, 9-11 year and 12-16 year trophies. The awards were presented by Alan Wareing of Biggles FM.

The auction of the donated produce was enjoyed by a large crowd bantering with auctioneer Mike O’Keefe.

The day ended with a barn dance and chicken and chip supper.

Sunday morning saw the committee preparing for the craft fair that opened in the marquee at noon.

The organisers paid thanks to all the traders, exhibitors and friends for supporting the show and making it such a success every year.

Show results

Show Winner Stephen Chessum; TE Housden Cup Stephen Chessum.


Class 3 6 Onions grown from sets, 1st Stephen Chessum.

Class 5 6 Onions, grown from seed or set, 1st Stephen Chessum.

Class 6 5 Potatoes, white, 1st Stephen Chessum, 2nd 2nd Ben Lane.

Class 7 5 Potatoes, coloured, 1st Stephen Chessum, 2nd Ian Robinson.

Class 8 9 Shallots, large, 1st Len Bush.

Class 9 9 Shallots, pickling, 1st Stephen Chessum, 2nd Len Bush, 3rd Ian Robinson.

Class 10 9 Runner beans, 1st Stephen Chessum, 2nd Ralph Parsons, 3rd Ben Lane.

Class 11 A bunch of radishes, 1st and 2nd Len Bush, 3rd Ian Robinson.

Class 12 2 marrows, 1st Len Bush, 2nd S Ritson.

Class 13 3 beetroot, 1st Len Bush, 2nd Ian Robinson.

Class 14 3 parsnips, 1st Len Bush.

Class 15 3 carrots, other than long, 1st Stephen Chessum, 2nd K Haddow, 3rd Ralph Parsons.

Class 16 3 carrots, long pointed, 1st Elaine Dear.

Class 17 3 leeks, 1st Stephen Chessum, 2nd C Couchman, 3rd Len Bush.

Class 18 6 tomatoes, 1st Stephen Chessum, 2nd Ralph Parsons, 3rd Percy Haygreen.

Class 19 9 cherry tomatoes, 1st and 2nd Percy Haygreen, 3rd Elaine Dear.

Class 20 heaviest marrow, 1st R Dreyer, 2nd Stephen Chessum, 3rd K Haddow.

Class 21 4 peppers, 1st C Couchman, 2nd Gail Smith, 3rd K Haddow.

Class 22 sweetcorn 3 cobs, 1st and 2nd Len Bush, 3rd K Haddow.

Class 23 A collection of unusual vegetables, 1st C Couchman, 2nd D Livermore.

Class 24 A collection of herbs, 1st H Walder, 2nd Elaine Dear.

Class 25 Longest runner bean, 1st Stephen Chessum, 2nd Hannah Phoenix Holland, 3rd Ian Robinson.

Class 26 heaviest truss of tomatoes, 1st Ralph Parsons, 2nd Gail Smith.

Class 28 1 misshaped or ugly vegetable, 1st Elaine Dear, 2nd and 3rd Ian Robinson.

Class 29 1 kind of any other vegetable, 1st D Livermore, 2nd R Botteley, 3rd Ralph Parsons.

Class 30 3 courgettes, 1st R Botteley.

Class 31 1 Vegetable & 1 cut flower in a vase, 1st and 3rd Elspeth Sutherland, 2nd Gail Smith.

Novice vegetable

Class 33 6 cherry tomatoes, 1st Hannah Phoenix Holland, 2nd Paul Rouse, 3rd Nicola Dilley.

Class 34 6 runner beans, 1st Hannah Phoenix Holland, 2nd and 3rd Len Bush.

Class 35 6 French beans, 2nd and 3rd Len Bush.

Class 36 3 beetroot, 1st Len Bush.

Class 38 A bunch of radishes, 1st and 2nd Len Bush.

Class 39 3 carrots 1st and 2nd Len Bush.

Class 40 3 tomatoes, 1st Len Bush, 2nd and 3rd S Stone.

Class 41 A collection of allotment vegetables (min 4 types), 1st R Dreyer, 2nd and 3rd S Stone.

Vegetables Cup (Asmer Seeds Limited) Stephen Chessum.

Vegetables (Novice) Cup (Anne Kitchener) Len Bush.


Class 42 4 dessert pears, 1st D Livermore, 2nd Gail Smith, 3rd Stephen Chessum.

Class 43 20 blackberries, 1st Ralph Parsons.

Class 44 20 raspberries, 2nd Ralph Parsons, 3rd P Thwaites.

Class 45 6 plums, 2nd Skyla Rivett.

Class 46 1 bunch grapes, 1st and 2nd Ralph Parsons, 3rd Mike Horgan.

Class 47 any other fruit, one kind, 1st D Livermore.

Class 48 4 cooking apples, 1st and 2nd Ralph Parsons, 3rd Elaine Dear.

Class 49 4 dessert apples, 1st Ralph Parsons, 2nd Nicola Dilley, 3rd Elaine Dear.

Cup (Potton Timber Eng Ltd) Ralph Parsons


Class 50 Potton Show Best Vase, 1st and 2nd P Thwaites, 3rd Gail Smith.

Class 51 1 rose, specimen hybrid tea, 1st Geoff Tomlinson, 2nd D Livermore, 3rd Nicola Dilley.

Class 52 1 stem cluster flowered roses, 1st D Livermore, 2nd Nicola Dilley, 3rd Geoff Tomlinson.

Class 53 4 roses, hybrid tea, 2nd D Livermore.

Class 54 A vase of garden flowers, 1st P Thwaites, 2nd Jill White, 3rd Gail Smith.

Class 58 1 pot of begonia, 1st Gail Smith, 2nd S Stone, 3rd M Stone.

Class 59 foliage, shrub, 1st and 3rd P Thwaites, 2nd Jill White.

Class 60 flowering Shrub, 1st and 3rd P Thwaites, 2nd Gail Smith.

Class 61 1 pot plant, foliage, 1st Helen Stone, 2nd Elspeth Sutherland, 3rd M Stone.

Class 62 1 pot plant flower, 2nd Gail Smith.

Class 63 1 cactus or succulent, 1st M Stone, 2nd Gail Smith

Class 64 1 single flowered fuchsia, 1st and 2nd S Stone, 3rd M Stone.

Class 65 1 double flowered fuchsia

1st and 3rd S Stone, 3rd M Stone

Class 66 1 pot tryphilla flower, 1st Gail Smith.

Class 67 1 geranium/pelargonium, 1st M Stone.

Class 68 1 African violet, 2nd Gail Smith.


Class 74 Decoratives 3 small or miniatures, 1st and 3rd Stephen Chessum, 2nd D Livermore,

Class 75 cactus and semi cactus, 1 giant or large bloom, 1st Stephen Chessum.

Class 77 cactus and semi cactus, 3 small or miniatures, 1st D Livermore.

Class 78 ball dahlias 3 small or miniatures, 1st and 2nd Stephen Chessum, 3rd D Livermore.

Class 79 5 pompon dahlias, 1st and 2nd Stephen Chessum, 3rd D Livermore.

Class 80 novice mixed dahlia, 1st and 3rd Elspeth Sutherland, 2nd Paul Rouse.


Class 84 3 stems of sprays, 1st and 2nd P Thwaites.

Cup (A Boxall Esq) P Thwaites.

Salver, most fuchsia points, (Tom Messenger Memorial) S Stone.

Shield, begonias, (The Houghton Shield) Gail Smith

Rose Bowl, most rose points, (Sheila Wilson Rose Bowl) D Livermore.


Class 101 1 article of pottery or ceramic, 1st Lesley Mayne, 2nd Jill White.

Class 102 1 handicraft exhibit - other than wall hanging, 1st and 3rd C Armistead, 2nd Kieran Evetts.

Class 103 an exhibit using wet or dry felting, 1st Jill White

Class 104 a handmade item of jewellery, 1st

Helena Nicolaides, 2nd Freya Jackson, 3rd Jill White.

Class 105 1 handmade greetings card, 1st B Groombridge, 2nd K Hart, 3rd Andrew Marsh.

Class 106 1 handicraft wall hanging (not needlework), 1st Helena Nicolaides.

Class 107 a textile wall hanging, 1st R Tall.

Class 108 a mixed-media painting, 1st and 2nd Paula Evetts, 3rd M Jackson.

Class 109 a collage picture, 1st and 2nd P Russell, 3rd Andrew Marsh.

Class 110 a print or etching, 1st Andrew Marsh.

Class 111 a drawing in graphite pencil or coloured pencils, 1st and 2nd Trudy Bonnet, 3rd C Titmus.

Class 112 1 pen and in drawing or ink wash, 1st P Russell, 2nd Trudy Bonnet, 3rd R L Ludford.

Class 113 a pastel drawing, 1st Trudy Bonnet, 3rd Taylor Nathan

Class 114 1 painting - acryllic, 1st Christine Vaughan, 2nd Andrew Marsh, 3rd I Russell.

Class 115 1 painting - water colours, 1st C Titmus, 2nd I Russell, 3rd Paula Evetts.

Cup, painting & drawin) (Mrs Yates) Trudy Bonnet. Cup, handicrafts, (The Committee) Helena Nicolaides.


117 1 bottle dry red wine, 1st R Westmorland.

1 bottle hedgerow liqueur, 1st M Jackson.

Class 122 1 bottle of sloe gin, 1st R Leonard, 2nd Denis Ellison, 3rd Mike Okeefe.

Class 123 home brewed beer, 1st R Westmorland.

Cup (The Twinning Association) R Westmorland.

Cookery - ladies

Class 125 fruit cake, 1st H Botteley, 2nd Anne Horgan, 3rd Carol West.

Class 126 apple pie, 1st H Botteley.

Class 127 1 round shortbread, 1st G Trigg, 2nd Nicola Dilley, 3rd B Ritson.

Class 128 4 muffins , 1st H Botteley, 2nd Carol West.

Class 129 6 cheese scones, 1st G Massey, 2nd Carol West, 3rd Pat Warren.

Class 130 6 biscuits, 1st A Botteley, 2nd H Botteley, 3rd Georgia Okeefe.

Class 131 6 butterfly cakes, 1st Jean Ashdown, 2nd B Ritson, 3rd A Botteley.

Class 132 Victoria sandwich, 1st Carol West, 2nd Jean Ashdown, 3rd H Botteley.

Class 133 homemade loaf of bread, 2nd H Botteley, 3rd M Jackson.

Class 134 lemon drizzle cake, 2nd A Botteley, 3rd Carol West.

Class 135 a gingerbread loaf, 1st S Rowell, 2nd H Botteley, 3rd G Trigg.

Class 136 6 jam tarts , 1st A Botteley, 2nd Nicola Dilley, 3rd Lizzie Powell.

Cookery - mens

Class 138 fruit Cake, 1st Robin Ashdown, 2nd Geoff Tomlinson, 3rd S Ritson.

Class 139 apple pie, 2nd Geoff Tomlinson.

Class 140 1 round shortbread, 3rd Geoff Tomlinson.

Class 141 4 muffins, 1st Geoff Tomlinson.

Class 142 6 cheese scones, 1st Terry Woods, 2nd L R Ludford, 3rd Geoff Tomlinson.

Class 143 6 biscuits, 1st Joah Summer, 2nd Geoff Tomlinson, 3rd Mike Okeefe.

Class 144 6 butterfly cakes, 1st Robin Ashdown.

Class 145 Victoria sandwich, 2nd Robin Ashdown, 3rd Geoff Tomlinson.

Class 146 loaf of bread, 1st Eric Sands, 2nd Alex Robinson.

Class 147 lemon drizzle cake, 1st Percy Haygreen, 2nd Ian Pryer.

Cookery - children’s

Class 150 3 to 5 years 4 homemade sweets, 1st Denys Rivett.

Class 151 3 to 5 years, 4 decorated biscuits, 1st Dominic Wright, 2nd Denys Rivett.

Class 152 6 to 8 years 4 biscuits, 1st F Sexton, 2nd S Jack, 3rd Skyla Rivett.

Class 153 6-8 years 6 homemade sweets, 1st Q Tennant, 2nd Skyla Rivett.

Class 154 9 - 11 years, 6 decorated fairy cakes, 1st Madison Andrews, 2nd Grace Pryer, 3rd Isobel Miles.

Class 155, decorated gingerbread man, 1st Amy Ritson, 2nd Samuel Ritson

Class 157 9-11 years Victoria sandwich, 1st James Pryer, 2nd Florie Miles, 3rd Gemma Corcoran.

Class 158 12 – 16 years 4 muffins, 1st P Jack, 2nd Helena Nicolaides, 3rd Gemma Corcoran.

Class 159 12 – 16 years 4 fruit scones, 1st Florie Miles, 3rd Gemma Corcoran.


Class 160 1 jar soft fruit jam, 1st Nicola Dilley, 2nd Anne Horgan, 3rd Lesley Mayne.

Class 161 1 jar jam stone fruit, 1st M Jackson, 2nd Nicola Dilley, 3rd S Lane.

Class 162 1 jar jelly, 1st and 2nd Percy Haygreen.

Class 163 1 jar lemon curd, 1st Nicola Dilley, 2nd H Walder.

Class 164 1 jar of marmalade, 1st and 2nd Anne Horgan, 3rd Roy Smith.

Class 165 1 jar chutney, 1st and 2nd H Walder, 3rd H Botteley.

Class 166 1 jar pickles, 1st H Walder.

The Ladies Club (Preserves) Mrs H Walder.

Messrs Jackson Trophy Cookery - Mens, Geoff Tomlinson.

The Barbara Banks Award Cookery - Ladies, Mrs H Botteley

Home handicrafts

Class 200 1 Article of hand knitting for an adult, 1st and 2nd N Collins.

Class 202 1 article of crochet, 1st Liz Curzon, 2nd P Russell, 3rd Jill White.

Class 204 1 scarf, 1st N Collins, 2nd Jenny Rivett, 3rd P Russell.

Class 205 1 article of needlework, 1st Pat Warren, 2nd B Groombridge.

Class 207 a handmade toy, 1st Jenny Rivett, 2nd and 3rd B Groombridge.

Class 208 a handmade hat, 1st N Collins, 2nd P Russell, 3rd Jill White.

Class 209 1 article of quilting (using machine)

1st T Wye.

Class 211 1 article of counted cross stitch, 1st and 2nd K Hart, 3rd Lauren Lane.

Class 212 1 article of hand knitting for a child, 1st and 2nd N Collins, 3rd Liz Curzon.

Class 214 1 article of patchwork, 1st Sheila Clements, 2nd and 3rd Anne Horgan.

Children’s home handicrafts

Class 220 6 - 8 - a sock puppet, 1st Elsa Miles, 2nd S Jack.

Class 221 9 - 11 - a hand-sewn item, 1st Rose Horgan, 2nd Isobel Miles, 3rd Poppy Miller.

Class 222 9 - 11 - a bookmark made from fabric, 1st Isobel Miles

Migalle Cup, N Collins


Class 300 a shopfront, 1st N Mayne, 2nd S Rowell, 3rd M Stone.

Class 301 first light, 1st Sam Orchard, 2nd N Greenfield, 3rd P Odell.

Class 302 through an archway, 1st A Zerny, 2nd Lesley Mayne, 3rd H Botteley.

Class 304 silhouette, 1st Jo Haigh, 2nd R Leonard, 3rd N Greenfield.

Class 305 feathered friends, 1st N Taylor, 2nd and 3rd N Greenfield

Class 306 bygone machinery, 1st N Greenfield, 2nd B Groombridge, 3rd R Smith.

Class 307 a portrait, 1st P Odell, 2nd Sam Orchard, 3rd N Greenfield.

Class 308 a winter scene, 1st and 3rd N Taylor, 2nd N Greenfield

Class 309 any subject, 1st Jo Haigh, 2nd P Odell, 3rd N Greenfield.

Class 310 digital montage, 1st and 2nd Sam Orchard.

Class 311 any subject (advanced)

1st and 2nd Sam Orchard.

Children’s Photography

Class 320 6 - 8 Years - pets, 1st and 3rd, Skyla Rivett, 2nd S Jack.

Class 321 9 - 11 Years - pets, 1st Amy Ritson, 2nd Madison Andrews, 3rd Megan Smith.

Class 322 12 - 16 Years - pets, 1st Alex Robinson, 2nd Florie Miles, 3rd P Jack.

Cups - Potton Cons Charities, Sam Orchard.

Dave Radford Memorial, P Odell.

Children’s 3-5 years

Class 400 A picture or pattern in paint, pencil or crayon, 1st Douglas Haigh, 2nd and 3rd Dominic Wright.

Class 401 colour or decorate the show poster, 1st O Bruce, 2nd and 3rd Dominic Wright

Class 402 decorate a hard boiled egg, 1st Emma Watson, 2nd Denys Rivett, 3rd Dominic Wright.

Class 403 a decorated paper plate, max. size 9”, 1st Dominic Wright, 2nd Jenson Grainger, 3rd Lilly Woodfield.

6-8 years

Class 404 a decorated pebble, 1st Elsa Miles.

Class 405 an animal model from fresh vegetable/and or fruit material, 1st S Jack, 2nd Skyla Rivett, 3rd Elsa Miles.

Class 406 a picture or pattern in pen, pencil, crayon or paint, 1st Felix Zerny, 2nd Poppy Watson, 3rd Alex Collins.

Class 407 a collage, 1st Elsa Miles, 2nd Skyla Rivett.

Class 408 an edible necklace, 1st Skyla Rivett, 2nd Elsa Miles.

Class 409 colour in the show picture , 1st F Sexton, 2nd Elsa Miles, 3rd A Nicolaides

Class 411 handwritten poem, 1st T Bruce, 2nd Elsa Miles, 3rd A Nicolaides.

Class 412 decorate a plant pot, 1st Elsa Miles, 2nd Holly Miller.

Class 413 an English summer face mask, 1st

Elsa Miles

9-11 years

Class 414 a clock face made from sweets, 1st Isobel Miles.

Class 415 a picture in pen, pencil, crayon, paint – any subject A4 max, 1st Caitlin Ashdown, 2nd E R Ludford, 3rd Isobel Miles.

Class 416 a greetings card, 1st Kieran Evetts, 2nd Rose Horgan, 3rd Isobel Miles.

Class 417 a collage made of natural materials – A4 max, 1st and 2nd Isobel Miles.

Class 418 an animal model from fresh vegetable and/or fruit material, 1st Samuel Ritson, 2nd Amy Ritson, 3rd Isobel Miles.

Class 419 make and decorate a papier mache bowl, 1st Isobel Miles.

Class 420 a handmade item of jewellery, 1st Isobel Miles.

Class 421 handwritten poem on A4 paper, 1st Grace Pryer, 2nd Rebekah Nunn, 3rd Poppy Miller.

Class 422 decorate a t-shirt, 1st Isobel Miles.

Class 423 an edible necklace, 1st Isobel Miles.

Class 424 a small English garden in a tray, 1st Kieran Evetts, 2nd Isobel Miles.

12-16 years

Class 425 an origami model, 1st Freya Jackson.

Class 426 a painting or drawing – any subject – A4 max, 1st Freya Jackson, 2nd Helena Nicolaides, 3rd Rebecca Taylor.

Class 427 recycle an item of clothing, 1st Florie Miles.

Class 428 a handwritten quotation, 1st Helena Nicolaides, 2nd Gemma Corcoran, 3rd Florie Miles.

Class 429 a greetings card, 1st and 3rd Gemma Corcoran, 2nd Florie Miles.

Class 431 decorate a t-shirt, 1st Freya Jackson, 2nd Gemma Corcoran, 3rd Florie Miles.

Class 432 a floral arrangement in a tea cup & saucer, 1st Freya Jackson, 2nd Florie Miles.

Juniors 3-16 years

Class 434 largest sunflower head , 1st Denys Rivett.

Childrens Jubilee Cup 12-16 years, Florie Miles. Junior Cup 8-11 years Isobel Miles. Shield 5-7 years Elsa Miles. Shield 3-5 years Dominic Wright. The Sunflower Shield, Denys Rivett.