Regulations are on the verge of change

Sandy Town Council has proposed changes to their burial regulations following a review.

The issue arose at the beginning of August when notices saying ‘toys, ornaments and lighting are not permitted on graves in this cemetery and should be removed immediately’ were placed on graves.

This sparked an angry backlash from those who have gravestones for family or relatives in the cemetery.

The council agreed to eview the burial regulations and even held a public meeting to get the thoughts of those affected.

The new regulations contain a rewritten section 22 which states ‘during the period of 15 months following the internment any item on the grave must be placed within 300mm of the front of the temporary marker if this has not already been replaced with a permanent headstone and should not interfere with routine maintenance’.

The new-look regulations go on to say ‘the council reserves the right to remove and dispose of any items not firmly affixed as described and in addition any items or objects which in its opinion are objectionable, unsightly and potentially dangerous...or any item likely to casuse offence or distress in a cemetery environment’.

However Sandy resident Trixie Smith said: “The council have given us the runaround for months. We understand the ornaments are not to obstruct the maintencance staff but these regulations are the same as the old ones.

Mayor Will Jackson said: “I think these new regulations meet the public demand.

“Of course it won’t make everyone happy but it covers most of what the public have asked for.”

For the changes to come into effect they must be ratified at the next full Sandy Town Council meeting on March 2.