Sadistic robbers jailed for early morning attack


Sadistic muggers who violently robbed a Biggleswade man have been convicted and sentenced at the Old Bailey.

James Godfrey, 29, along with 25-year-old Aaron Murray and Ben Gibson, 20 carried out the attack on James Guest who had his bag stolen while he was waiting for a lift early in the morning.

On January 8, Godfrey was jailed for 12 years, Murray was jailed for seven years and Gibson was given a six-year sentence at a young offenders’ institution.

The attack happened on April 1, 2013 when Mr Guest was waiting for a lift at the side of Potton Road in Biggleswade at about 7.20am, when he was approached and the offender tried to take his phone out of his hand.

Mr Guest pulled the phone away, but the offender punched him in the face. He was then set upon by the first man who was joined by the two other offenders.

Mr Guest said: “I am really happy with the conviction. It will hopefully stop them doing something like this again.

“I am still a bit jittery after the attack as I never imagined something like this could happen in the area I used to wait for a lift.”

Mr Guest’s wife, Lorraine, acknowledged how tough the months following the attack had been for the whole family.

She said: “It was a massive relief when the three attackers were found guilty.

“We felt justice had been done and the police exceeded any expectations we had with the heavy sentences they all received. DC Ram in particular was brilliant with helping us.

“The attack has affected our children and James quite badly.

“He now gets picked up from our front door rather than on Potton Road. My hope is that over time things will become less difficult but it is still a shock at the moment.”