Schools to work in partnership


Potton Lower School and Burgoyne Middle School are proposing they work in partnership, and become a formal federation with a single governing body.

It would be named ‘The Potton Federation’ and the proposed date for the partnership to commence would be September 3, 2015.

The new partnership would see Mrs Cathy Smart, the current headteacher of Potton Lower School, become the Executive Headteacher.

Anna Adnitt, Chair of Governors, said: “This is really exciting. It joins the two schools collectively for the vision of education we have in Potton.

“It will lead to a smooth education for those between the ages of four and 13 and give them a firm start in life.”

The schools retain their separate legal status and have their own budgets, individual admissions, performance tables and Ofsted inspections.

However, there would be greater opportunity for the sharing of good practice, expertise and resources as well as improved opportunities for transition from the Lower School to the Middle School.

The federation will mean a new Governing Body of 20 members will be formed and will include the headteacher, a local authority governor, one elected parent governor from each school, a staff governor and 15 co-opted governors who will be recruited based on skills and experience.

Governor Adnitt added: “Burgoyne approached Potton Lower earlier in the year and although we are not yet an official federation, the schools have been working closely since Easter.

“So far the results have been encouraging with Mrs Smart already in charge as the new Executive Headteacher.”

The school has now entered a 6-week consultation period on the proposal to federate.

The Governors of both schools will consider all responses received by June 19 and then decide whether to proceed with the federation.

If they do, the Local Authority will be notified and a new single Governing Body will come to be.

You can attend a drop-in session to discuss the proposed changes on Friday, May 15 at Potton Lower School from 2.45pm to 3.45pm.