Should children choose their own bedtimes?

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By St Andrews Lower School children

Pupils in Year Three Oak Class at St Andrews Lower School in Biggleswade have been discussing whether children aged seven and eight should be allowed to decide their own bedtimes.

They then wrote persuasive letters from their chosen point of view.

Their teacher, Mrs Rogers, sent them to the Biggleswade Chronicle. You can read them below.


Dear Reader,

Children of seven and eight should not choose their bedtime. I am a Year 3 and we have been talking about seven or eight can’t choose their bedtime because if they do they will stay up to like 11pm or 12am and we can’t have that. If kids stay up to midnight then they would form a pattern and they would be asleep in the day and awake in the night. My mum tells me when to go to bed so I even had enough sleep to write this letter, so sleep gives your brain a rest so you can do good at school.

Not having enough sleep can affect your health and safety. You will not grow properly. You may not get enough to eat because you would be too sleepy that you can’t get your food. Your eyes will turn red too.

You can only choose when you want to go to bed when you are older because your body does not need that much sleep. Parents would nto get time to themselves and they have been working all day. Parents know what is best for you, they love you so much that they are protecting you.


Dear Reader,

Should children of seven and over choose their own bedtime? I am a child from St Andrews Lower School. I am in Year 3 and my class name is Oak class. Even though I am the age of eight I do not think children at the age of seven or more should be able to choose their own bedtime because us children would probably choose a very late time to go to bed like 10pm or past 10pm, maybe 10.30pm or something like that.

My mum said children should not choose their own bedtime because if their bedtime was late at night and it was a school night then they would be tired in school the next day.

It would be cool if kids could choose their own bedtime but it wouldn’t be very good for their health.

If I go to bed late I wake up half way through the day, so no, children should not choose their bedtime.

I hope I have changed your mind about should children choose their bedtime.


Dear Reader,

I am a child from St Andrews Lower School in Oak Class and we have been thinking about that children should choose what time they go to bed. They should because if their parents tell them to go to bed early or they will think their parents are treating them like a baby.

Another two reasons are they should so that they can show that they have responsibility in their self. If they go to bed at 6.30 and wake up at 8.30 again they would be waiting for a long time for everyone to wake up and waiting for a long time for school because that has once happened to me before.

My teacher says “If you sleep late you will sleep while you do your work” and I totally agree with my teacher but I still think that children still should choose what time to go to bed.

So has that changed your mind to why children seven or more should choose when to go to bed?

Please will you publish this in the newspaper? Thank you for reading.

Yours faithfully, Sonia.


Dear Reader,

Should children choose their bedtime? I am a child in Oak Class and this is what we have been talking about. Kids should not choose their bedtime because they are likely to stay up and normally are going to perform poorly at school and not get marks. I think that children shouldn’t choose their own bedtime because it has been proven that children with more sleep means better learning. Children do not have the good sense like parents to know a good bedtime and how much sleep kids needed to have for the next day to go well and parents know when a great sleep is to perform well at school for six hours.

Children should not choose their bedtime because they are going to go downstairs and watch TV and play electronic games and eat things including chocolate/crisps.

Will you be able to publish this? And I hope that I changed kids’ minds to go to sleep when their parents tell them to.

Yours faithfully, Daniel


Dear Reader,

I think that children should not choose because if they choose the next day they will be tired.

The children should not choose because the children might not be allowed.

My mum says that I have to go to bed at 7.00 or 6.00.

I hope you like my letter.

Yours faithfully, Damian


Dear Reader,

We have been thinking about if children should choose their bedtime or not. My opinion is that children that are seven or eight should go to bed at 8.00 o’clock or 7.00 o’clock.

Now you have to listen to this. If you let your child go to bed at 9.00 o’clock it’s not good or for their health and learning environment. Don’t let your child choose their own bedtime because they will choose a really silly time. On school nights choose a sensible time for them.

This happened to me. I let my cousin go to bed late. She was really tired in the morning. I was in trouble. That’s why you should get your child to go to bed at 7.00 o’clock.

Now let’s stop that arguing and try what I said.

When I go to bed late this is what happens to me. I get grumpy and get up at the wrong time and don’t try my hardest at school.

I hope I helped you change and other people’s mind about children should go to bed at 7.00 o’clock or 8.00 o’clock.

Yours faithfully, Leah


Dear Reader,

I am a St Andrew’s pupil and my class and me have been thinking about whether children aged seven or eight should choose their bedtime or not.

Personally I strongly believe that children aged seven to eight should choose their bedtime. Now I believe this because children need to be able to create a daily schedule by ourselves so if we choose our bedtime then it’s more likely to be right if we do it. If our parents do then it’s more likely to be too early for our daily schedule.

Another thing is that if we choose we will need responsibility when we’re older and choosing an appropriate time for bed needs a responsible child to do that. If we choose it will make us responsible. Some parents just don’t understand that so as a child I will try and persuade them.

One other thing is that my best friend told me that choosing your own bedtime makes you bold and stand out to the crown and it builds good character.

Yours sincerely, Daniel.

PS. I hope you can publish this so everyone knows my opinion.

PPS. I am writing this letter on behalf of my fellow classmates.

PPPS. My mum also says “that choosing our bedtime also builds good character.” I feel this is very true because it makes us stand out.


Dear Reader,

I am a Year Three child at St Andrews VC Lower School at Biggleswade. We have been talking about if a seven or eight year old should or should not choose their own bedtime. I think that they should not choose their own bedtime because when you sleep you grow but if you choose your own bedtime if you go after watershed you will be sorry and it is not the age for people and children. If you don’t go to bed you will not grow and if you don’t grow you can not do fun things because you are too little and people think you’re a baby and that would not be nice.

The time I go to bed is 8.00. Well my mum says to go to bed at 7.30 but my mum says to me you can read for 30 min. She does time it.

Can I just say this. I hope parents have changed their mind. Changed your mind!!! I hope you have liked this letter.

Yours faithfully, Lola-Millie

P.S They will get grumpy if they go to bed late every day.


Dear Reader,

I’m a child in Oak Class Year Three at St Andrews Lower school and I say children shouldn’t choose their own bedtime because they would be too tired the next day and adults need time to relax and talk privately. I’m not even in my teens yet and I still go to bed really late but I still think that children should go to bed when their parents tell them to. They might be allowed when they are older and more responsible but not while they are younger and less trustworthy and responsible. Kids would never go to bed and parents wouldn’t get any time to relax in the evenings. My mum says “you should go to bed at around 7.00 or 7.30 so you’re not tied tomorrow.” I think it depends on the kids. Some kids know when they need to sleep and some fight it because they think that they don’t need sleep. I once stayed up till 12.30 and I was really really really tired the next day so don’t stay up too long kids or you’ll be grumpy and tired like I was when I was five 3/4. If you go to bed at silly o’clock you will get grumpy.

Yours faithfully, Hazel


Dear Reader,

I am a child in St Andrews VC Lower School Oak Class and I think that children should be able to choose their own bedtime whenever they want!!!

If children go to bed at the time their parents tell them it is like their parents are doing everything for them and taking over their life and their doing nothing in their life. It is not very fair is it? Just think about it.

If they are tired at school because they went to bed too late they will know and they will know to go to bed a bit earlier. If they choose they will gain responsibility by choosing their own bedtime.

If your mums and dads send you to be before they are tired it is not fair. What if you have an iPad in your bedroom and it gives you bad habits and it keeps making them tied in the day and at school?

PS. I hope this will make you change your mind and please can you publish this and if you do change your mind thank you.

Yours faithfully, Alice.


To the editor,

I think children should choose their own bedtimes because it will be unfair. The children might be in the middle of watching a movie.

By the way I’m Annabel and I’m a child. I would love to choose my own bedtime.Why won’t parents let the children choose? Well this will start to happen parents. I promise you “beg lease please please can I stay up” or “can I just stay up one more minute?” Can you see my point? Ha ha ha.

There is another reason... People will start feeling grumpy in the morning all because they didn’t get their own way. If you don’t want this to happen then just let them.

I strongly believe that this will happen too. “That is so unfair. How come he stays up longer than me?” When your child is in university they will be waiting for someone to say “time for bed!”. I bet you get it now. “JUST LET THEM CHOOSE THEIR OWN BEDTIME!”

If your child is begging you I am begging you like them. I think it depends on the kid. Some kids know when they need to go to sleep or not so just let them get on with it. People might think I’m on the wrong side but I think I’m right. If you are on of those people who doesn’t agree with me just think about it then. It will be fun for the kid. That child I bet will be bored of going to bed so early!

My friend always agrees with me. We just think it is unfair. So please please let them choose their own bedtime. Think about your children for once! One more thing they will be feeling like your parents are you.

P.S. I will be really happy if you put this in the newspaper and I hope this will change people’s minds for children choosing their bedtimes!


Dear Reader,

My name is Inayah. I am a Year Three and my school is called St Andrews Lower School and my point about why children should choose their bed time.

For example as time goes on we can form a schedule that fits our needs knowing that we did it without a parent. Here is another example. If we are tired it is our fault but that is also how we know that we have stayed up too late. And also if parents choose for you its like they are controlling you. Also if you go to bed at six and you’re not tired you might play on your tablet or DS then your parent might think it’s your right bed time and then you will disagree and get into an argument.


Hello reader,

My name is Lewis. I strongly believe that children should not choose their bed times because children are not very sensible about bigger choices like the time they go to bed. Children of ages five to 12 may choose very inappropriate times to go to sleep.

My family said to me the children who go to bed earlier do better at school so say someone went to bed at seven o’clock and someone else went to bed at nine o’clock the person who went to sleep at seven o’clock will do better at school I assure you. I know by the end you must believe me.