Soakaway to combat Rose Lane debacle

Rose Lane car park. PIC: June Essex
Rose Lane car park. PIC: June Essex

Improvements to Rose Lane car park are underway after a decision at a Biggleswade Council meeting on Tuesday to install a new soakaway.

The decision comes after concerns about the flooding issues the car park has struggled to cope with in the past.

The installation of the soakaway will cost £6,218 taking the total cost of refurbishing the car park to in excess of £80,000.

At the meeting Councillor Madeline Russell said: “The soakaway is to help the drainage on the south of the car park where there is a considerbale amount of gullys going into one soakaway.

“The installation of the soakaway is expected to take up to two weeks.

“The other possibility we looked at was the installation of permeable tarmac but this would have cost the council £9,000.

“The installation of the soakaway should be sufficient to solve the problems of the flooding.”

The Chronicle reported in January that the car park had been secured for a guaranteed further four years although the council is looking to secure the long-term future of the facility as well.

There are also plans to properly mark out the car park which could create an additonal 15 parking spaces.