Spreading the anti bullying message in song

Meredith O'Connor PNL-150113-105731001
Meredith O'Connor PNL-150113-105731001

A pop singer is set to visit a middle school to help promote the anti-bullying message.

American singer Meredith O’Conner, 18, from New York, will be visiting Edward Peake C of E Middle School today as part of a UK tour.

She will sing two of her anti-bullying songs, The Game and Just the Thing as well as her new release Being Me.

She will also be speaking to pupils about her own experiences with bullying, which saw her develop a major anxiety disorder.

Ironically, after being ridiculed for being tall and thin, Meredith was scouted by an agent for the Miss USA pagent and became a model.

When she met manager Rick Galvin, who discovered that she also wrote songs, he encouraged her to tackle the subject of bullying through her music.

Her music has helped thousands of fans, and some have commented that her anthem The Game saved their life during challenges with bullying.

Trude Jeffs, head of Year 8, said: “The visit is part of our Personal, Social Health Citizenship Education and to raise the profile of bullying and the fact that there’s a way out and a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Even though we are a ‘telling school’ and don’t have much bullying at all, it’s good to get the message from people in the public eye that you can still have a life after bullying.

“We strive to ensure everyone feels safe and secure and has at least one adult they can talk to. We also have EP Buddies, who are student mentors from Year 8 who are trained in issues the pupils might come to them about.

“Bullying is dealt with immediately and we encourage children to talk about it rather than withdrawing, otherwise the bullies have won.”

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