Spreading the word on Ramadan

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A stall in Biggleswade market aimed at celebrating and informing people of the month of Ramadan has been declared a great success.

Organised by Rosebuds (Islamic faith and Social Group), with volunteers from the local Muslim community, the stall handed out goodies and encouraged shoppers to stop and chat.

Spokesman Rabia Syed said: “We handed out free date pots, samosas, goody bags and sweets to the public. We also had a table set up with CDS that had peaceful Quranic recitation, various informative leaflets for people to read, and pocket sized copies of the Quran for people to browse and take away with them. Mickey Mouse was also present to take pictures with children and have a friendly chat.

“This type of interaction encouraged people to stop and have a chat with us and for us to explain the significance of handing out dates for people to try.

“We were able to provide better understanding about Ramadan, aid in clearing any misconceptions and build positive relationships within the community. The feedback and interaction from the public was truly amazing. People asked questions, shared their feedback and views about the stall and expressed their honest views about the negativity that is being spread within the media about Islam. People highlighted themselves that the negativity has nothing to do with any faith and were happy that we that we held this stall whereas it illustrated true peace and example of what Islam is about and what it represents. People really liked the fact that we chose to do this whilst we were actually fasting.”

For more information go to https://m.facebook.com/rosebudsbiggleswade/