Steam train to visit station for first time

by B1 Locomotive, 61306 Mayflower PNL-150501-115451001
by B1 Locomotive, 61306 Mayflower PNL-150501-115451001

Railway enthusiasts left disappointed when a steam engine visit to a Chronicle Country station was cancelled, now have a second chance.

For the first time ever, a steam locomotive will be stopping at Arlesey station to pick day trippers up for a visit to York.

The visit, organised by The Cathedrals Express, had been due to take place in August last year – but was cancelled when Network Rail imposed a steam ban due to the hot, dry weather conditions.

Instead the trip was hauled by a vintage diesel engine.

This time, the train is set to be hauled by B1 Locomotive, 61306 Mayflower, which next month makes a welcome return to the mainline after an absence of over 20 years.

The Cathedrals Express will depart from Arlesey at 8.40am on Thursday, March 12 and will head up the East Coast Mainline, arriving in York at 1.15pm.

The Steam Dreams’ Chairman, Marcus Robertson, said: “We are delighted to be making a second attempt to bring steam to Arlesey for the very first time since the station opened in 1988.

“It seems particularly fitting that Mayflower will be at the head of the train as its return to the mainline this year is another cause for celebration. Tickets start at £99 per person. See for details or call 01483 209888