Stratton students celebrate end of year with presentation of awards

Stratton Upper year 10 students with awards
Stratton Upper year 10 students with awards

A host of awards were presented to students in years 9 and 10 at Stratton Upper School.

Chairman of governors Madeline Russell welcomed the students and guests at the evening ceremony on Thursday, June 30, and a musical presentation opened the event.

Stratton Upper year 9 awards

Stratton Upper year 9 awards

There was a composition by Stephen Day, year 10, and a sax ensemble comprising Callum Watson, Csenge Keri, Ewan King and Tom White.

Present at the ceremony were headteacher Rob Watson, deputy headteacher, support and guidance, Roz Hodges, head of year 9, Sarah Vincent and head of year 10, Matthew Bending.

Awards presented


Achievement Award for Excellence in a single subject

Art - Marie Watkins

Design & Technology - Gemma Linka

Drama - Sian Roberts

English - Louis Winwood

French - Ella Vieira

Geography - Lola Howman

German - Tilly Prowse

History - Lauren Webb

ICT - Brandon Hann

Mathematics - Ava Kernan

Music - Isabelle Yung

Physical Education (Boys) - Seth Robinson

Physical Education (Girls) - Maisie Condron

Religious Education - Ellie Siemianowicz

Science - Euan Docherty

Award for excellence in a broad range of subjects

Isobel Frost

Jemima Finch

Emilia Dell’anno

Daniel Smith

Jack Welstead

Achievement award for outstanding effort in a single subject

Art - Edward Kotarski

Drama - Megan Jakes

English - Reece Saunderson

French - Harvey Young

Geography - Kate Welton

German - James Hogben

History - James Keller

ICT - Finley Woodward

Mathematics - Holly Knight

Music - Kieran Hazell-Luttman

Physical Education (Boys) - Alex Carr

Physical Education (Girls) - Olivia Whitby

Religious Education - Mauro Greco

Science - Beatriz Sousa

Textiles - Jessica Wilson

Award for Outstanding Effort in a Broad Range of Subjects

Holly Daldry

Poppy Kennedy

James Hogben

Lonyin Chan

Jacob Guildford

Perseverance Award

Jodie Pattle

Award for Contributions to School Life

Seth Robinson

Lola Howman

Miles Papworth

Rohan Neal

Head of Year Award

Emmanuel Chapman

Isabelle Yung


Achievement Award for Excellence in a Single Subject

Agriculture - Katie Bryant

Art - Victoria Prime

Art Graphics - Callum Bloxham

Business Studies - Stephen Day

Childcare - Annabel Fisher

Dance - Jessica Foxwell

Design & Technology: Graphics - Amber Bailey

Design & Technology: Resistant Materials - Archie Dacre

Design & technology: Electronic Products - Daniel Pickering

Drama - Harriet Farnsworth

English - Annabel Davies

Ethics - Joshua Stevenson

Food Technology - Antony Burrows

French - Charlotte Gilbert

Geography - Amy Gilbert

German - Alicia Ernstberger

History - Jessica Gunstone

ICT - Ricardo Gomez

ICT Science - Mitchell Kettlewell

Mathematics - Andrew Hughes

Media - Effi Balough

Music - Benjamin Coyles

Photography - Suzannah-Emma King

Physical Education (Boys) - Euan Bruce

Physical Education (Girls) - Rachel Craven

Science (C & A) - Sophie Simon

Science (Triple) - Matthew Pittkin

Sociology - Ellie Banks

Textiles - Candice Ball

Award for Excellence in a Broad Range of subjects

Annabel Davies

Charlotte Gilbert

Sam Fee

Stephen Day

Achievement Award for Outstanding Effort in a Single Subject

Agriculture Land Op L1 - Lara Gaspar

Agriculture - Magnolia Garner

Art - Pippa Blake

Art Graphics - Kieran Cooper

Business Studies - Jack Wright

Childcare - Chloe Dean

Dance - Gemma King

Design & Technology: Construction - Michal Zielinski

Design & Technology: Electronic Products - Daniel Jackson

Design & Technology: Graphics - Thomas Hastilow

Design & Technology: Resistant Materials - Jack Bridgewater

Drama - Sam Lingwood

English - Heather McCutcheon

Ethics - Lucy Hilditch

Food Technology - Finlay Matthews

French - Georgia Derbyshire

Geography - Leon Obi

German - Jasmina El Tawagny

History - Molly Mahoney

ICT - Drew Ross

ICT Computer Science - Lucas Obi

Mathematics - Archie Dacre

Media - Ruvarashe Chihope

Music - George Nash

Photography - Rebekah Simmons

Physical Education (Boys) - Jared Ruz Caceres

Physical Education (Girls) - Holly Brown

Science (C & A) - Christina Anker

Science (Triple) - Sam Fee

Sociology - Amy Williams

Textiles - Emily Green

Award for Outstanding Effort in a Broad Range of Subjects

Phoebe Grist

Amy Gilbert

Jared Ruz Caceres

Matthew Sandercock

Perseverance Award

Andrew Hughes

Achievement for All Award

Aaron Lillywhite

Alice Timbrell

Award for Contributions to School Life

Joshua Stevenson

Megan Emerson

Gemma King

Marina Saravacos

Head of Year Award

Mitchell Kettlewell

Phoebe Grist

Special thanks were paid to:

Sian Plowman, Ali Burne, Kay Berrington, Vires Burnett

Lighting/Sound - Jack Burne, Alistair Sutherland and James Keller

Floral Displays - Jane Macdonald