Supermarket to open in town

A town is set to gain another supermarket.

After months of speculation Morrisons has confirmed that it will be opening a small M Local store in Biggleswade Market Square.

It is believed that this will be in the former Blockbuster store, although Morrisons will not confirm this.

Morrisons bought several of the DVD rental chain’s premises after the company failed earlier this year.

Laura Stubbs from Morrisons said: “We’re in the early stages of bringing a Morrisons M Local to Biggleswade.

“We look forward to sharing our plans with the community as things progress.”

The store is expected to create around 20 jobs, she added. Blockbuster employed 10 members of staff so this will be an overall increase.

Many readers, writing on the Chronicle’s Facebook page, felt that Biggleswade does not need another supermarket.

Crissie Gudgin said: “Surely Biggleswade doesn’t need any more grocery shops? They already have ASDA, Sainsburys, Co-op, Iceland, Aldi and Spar. As if they need another shop competing. On a plus note it does give more jobs. That’s the only benefit.”

Gemma Camborne-Paynter said: “I think the only plus side to Morrisons coming to the town will be the jobs it will create. Other than that I don’t really see Biggleswade needing it, not directly in the town centre anyway because we already have more than enough supermarkets.”

And Louisa Sutton said: “Biggleswade could do with more clothes shops not supermarkets!”

Tina Hancock queried where people who wish to shop in Morrisons will park.

Pauline Hinson agreed, writing: “I hope it’s somewhere you can park! I tried to go into Biggleswade just to drop something off yesterday and couldn’t park before I was nearly up at the railway station.”

Matt Frere added: “I totally agree with Pauline. Trying to park anywhere in Biggleswade is a nightmare, especially when you have small children.”

Others feel that the new supermarket will be good for the town. Eric Stuart said: “Supermarket competition, more choice and more jobs are surely a good thing?”

Biggleswade Town Councillor Bernard Rix wrote: “It’s a very good sign that a major retailer like Morrisons is keen to invest in Biggleswade; it suggests they can see a real future in the town.”

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