Switch energy suppliers to winter proof your bills

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If you’ve ever thought about switching energy suppliers but decided against it because of the hassle factor, help is at hand.

Citizens Advice Mid Bedfordshire is coming to the rescue next month with sessions on understanding your energy bill and guidance on how to switch.

The findings of a recent survey revealed millions of us are unsure of how to go about this and don’t know how much we could save.

There are also incorrect assumptions that it could involve being disconnected for a a short period, that it’s not an option for pre-payment customers and that you can’t switch suppliers when you move house.

In fact misunderstandings and misconceptions are the main reason many people don’t switch, which is why Citizens Advice is urging us to winter-proof our energy bills.

Manager Jenny Hedges said: “By shopping around it may be possible to cut hundreds of pounds from your gas and electricity bills, regardless of whether you own your home or rent it, or whether you have a pre-payment meter.

> To book advice sessions call the Ampthill and Biggleswade offices on 01525 402742 or visit the Sandy drop-in. Information is also available at www.midbedscab.org.uk