Talk to reveal gifts made by the Whitbread family of Southill Park during 19th century

WH Whitbread's wharf near Blackfriars Bridge, by George Garrard.
WH Whitbread's wharf near Blackfriars Bridge, by George Garrard.

A talk on the Southill Estate will reveal historical details of gifts made by the Whitbread family during the early 19th century.

The Southill Estate Game Distribution Book is the title of the event and will give an insight into the social and business contacts of W H Whitbread, from 1820 to 1824.

Local historian James Collett-White will delve into the book to discover the social and philanthropic contacts of this important Bedfordshire family.

Using the Southill Estate’s 19th century book, James will talk about some of the many people whose names are listed as receiving gifts of partridges, pheasants and hares, during those years.

Game was given to all WH Whitbread’s friends, relations, business contacts and tenants in Bedfordshire, London, Cambridge and as far away as Inverness, and they even included famous artists.

As a sideline to the brewery, the Whitbreads owned a lime works at Purfleet in Essex and through this book the audience can appreciate the web of customers in the building trade for Whitbread’s lime, sold throughout London, from what is now Blackfriars Station.

The talk is being held at Bedford School library, located off de Parys Avenue, Bedford, the Burnaby Road gate, MK40 2TU, on Tuesday, March 6, at 7.30pm.

The event is free to HA members and visitors are welcome with a donation.

For more details and to reserve seating call 07989 837819 or 01234 266839.