‘Teen yobs make our life misery’

Douglas Spalding says dealing with the vandals has been the worst year of his life
Douglas Spalding says dealing with the vandals has been the worst year of his life

Teenage vandals are making life a living hell for an elderly couple in their eighties.

Douglas and Elizabeth May Spalding, of Queen’s Way in Langford, have been married for 57 years but say the last year of their lives has been horrendous.

They have had to deal with their car tyres being let down, dog waste being put on their car bonnet, stones being thrown at their windows and trees in their garden being uprooted.

A tearful Mr Spalding said: “These vandals are ruining our lives. It is the worst 12 months of our 57 years together.”

On Wednesday evening Mr Spalding had to call the paramedics at about 11pm as his wife suffers with diabetes and was struggling to control her blood sugar levels.

She was taken to Bedford Hospital and on their return at 5am on Thursday morning he discovered two uprooted trees from his garden leaning against his front door.

This was just the latest act in a string of crimes committed by the heartless vandals.

Mr Spalding added: “It all started when I told them to be careful playing football as I had just got my front garden how I wanted it.”

The next thing he knew his car tyres had been let down and phallic symbols had been scratched on the side of the vehicle and dog waste had been put on the bonnet.

He was quoted over £500 to repair the damage and now pays £8-a-week to rent a garage to keep his car to stop the teenagers from doing anything else to the vehicle.

An angry Mrs Spalding said: “Last night when we came home it was a complete mess. They can only be described as thugs to do this to us.”

Mr and Mrs Spalding have reported everything that has happened to Bedfordshire Police who are now investigating the matter.