There’s more to the Clanger than eating two pies together!

Proper clangers, available only in Bedfordshire
Proper clangers, available only in Bedfordshire

You’ve got to love the Londoners’ quaint view of the northern wastelands which lie beyond Camden when train passengers are encouraged to sample the famous Bedfordshire Clanger by buying two pies and eating them together.

In a week-long celebration of “Bedford’s culinary heritage” at St Pancras International Station, passers through are being treated to “both amazing culinary offerings and the food heritage of surrounding towns and cities”.

But rather than ship authentic clangers 50 miles down south, it’s promotional material suggests “by grabbing a delicious, hand-made sausage roll from the Curious Pig or The Betjeman Arms and enjoying together with a Cherry Frangipan from Patisserie Valerie, visitors can recreate the unique, sweet-savoury blend that makes the ‘Clanger’ so distinguishable”.

Umm, we beg to differ. To sample a real clanger, with it’s suet pastry crust and meat’n’sweet filling, it seems one has to actually travel to Bedfordshire.

However, the event does acknowledge Bedford’s much-loved market heritage and famous ‘River Festival’ in an accompanying digital magazine, Great British Train Fare, which will be released at the end of August on

In it, critic and Great British Menu Judge Matthew Fort says some words about some the town’s great eateries including Riverside Grill, The Park, and The Plough.

He said: “The Bedford markets really have established a name for themselves over the last few years, with their great offering of foods produced in Bedford and the surrounding area.

“It is great to visit the farmers market and know that you are feeding back in to the local economy when buying their produce.

“The next time I get a chance to head for Bedford, I’ll definitely visit the Riverside Grill and order up the crab and lobster burger.”

The week-long celebration of Bedford’s culinary heritage is running in St Pancras International Station this week (July 13 to 19), as part of Great British Train Fare season.

The ten week festival of food will honour both the amazing culinary offerings in the station and the food heritage of surrounding towns and cities. Each week a destination in Europe will be championed through events, offers and in-station tastings.