Think of the consequences this Christmas

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Don’t risk your health, welfare or freedom by acting impulsively this Christmas is the message from Bedfordshire Police who are launching a Facebook and Twitter campaign urging people to take care over the Christmas period.

Detective Superintendent Karena Thomas, who leads the Public Protection Unit, explained: “It all starts with a simple, impulsive action but the consequences can be devastating for everyone involved.

“It’s good to have fun this Christmas but when out partying or enjoying Christmas at home please think very carefully about what could happen next before you risk ruining your life and the lives of those around you.

“Our social media campaign will show people the consequences of their impulsive actions, which are often not good for them or the people they might hurt in the process.”

The message is that in many cases just a simple, seemingly harmless action could have grave consequences.

For example:

Taking just one more drink – consequences: You’ll feel sick, you’ll fall over, you’ll get separated from your mates, you’ll get in a fight.

Worst case: Serious injury and a criminal record.

Kissing a strange woman – consequences: You think tonight’s your lucky night, you don’t listen when they say ‘no’.

Worst case: You get arrested, get a criminal record and become a registered sex offender.

Kissing a strange man – consequences: They might think you’re easy, they might take you back to their place, they may ignore you saying “no”.

Worst case: You are isolated, assaulted, raped.

Getting stressed within your family – consequences: You might have a drink, you might get in a row, you might hit someone. And the consequences are: serious injury to them or yourself and a criminal record.

Take action now before the consequences catch up with you:

Think before you drink – let your friends or family know where you are eating and drinking, make one of your party the designated watchdog to check everyone else is alright and always think three times before doing something you wouldn’t normally do.

Think before you kiss – make sure your friends and family know where you are and who you are with. Take a selfie with your new best friend and get it, their name and their number to a friend before going off with them. Be aware of where you are and let friends know; say “No” if it goes too far and remember if someone says “No” they do mean NO!

Think before you hit – Christmas can be a stressful time for families, children and couples; don’t drink if you are feeling stressed, upset or angry, if you get angry walk away and calm down. If someone becomes abusive call for help; speak to a neighbour, a friend, or call a national phone line or call the police. NEVER get physically abusive with anyone.