Total makeover for family home

Couple to appear on ITV next week

A loving father had the shock of his life when he returned home to find his house competely redocorated as part of a hit television programme.

Jo and Chris Careford of Holme Court Avenue in Biggleswade will be appearing on the ITV1 programme 60 Minute Makeover next week, along with children Elliot, five who has suffered with kidney problems and a lip defect since birth, and Noah, two.

Jo, 31 who has just had another baby boy, Zach said: "Elliot is such a brave little boy who has had to have lots of operations.

"It has meant a lot of mine and Chris's spare time has been spent taking him to and from hospital.

"We have had no time to decorate at all. I was on their website one day and I just decided to go for it."

The show, which is presented by former Hollyoaks actress Terri Dwyer has a makeover team and designer that renovates homes in just 60 minutes, giving it a complete makeover.

When the show was filmed in April vans, workers and the designer turned up at the house at 7am to set up before the actual programme was filmed, and Chris was thrown out for the day as the whole thing had to be a surprise.

All the furniture was replaced, walls were painted and the living room, Elliot's roomm and his parents room were completely made over.

Chris, 30 said: "I knew that something was going on because Jo wanted me to take the day off work but not be at home, I had no idea what she had planned.

"It's quite funny because my boss said maybe she had got Ground Force in but our garden had only just been done so that went straight out of my head."

The IT consultant added: "It was so surreal when I came back. There were vans everywhere, it was like a circus, I had absolutely no idea what was going on.

"As soon as I got out the car they all rushed over and guided me to the house. Then I saw the TV cameras and guessed what was going on.

"They did a fantastic job, we were both really pleased with the outcome. With Elliot being so ill during the first couple of years in his life we had not time to do anything.

"He's a really brave little boy who has just had a really tough start in life. Any spare time we had was spent going to hospital so it is really great we have had an opportunity like this."

The show is due to be aired on December 13.

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