Tots in Biggleswade can follow royals in language learning

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A children’s language learning franchise is celebrating the recent royal news that tots Princess Charlotte and Prince George are already able to speak Spanish.

Felicity Rawling runs the language franchise Kidslingo and teaches Spanish and French to children from birth up until age 11 at classes held in Biggleswade and Potton.

She is thrilled that the royal parents are setting a great example by taking a proactive approach to their children learning foreign languages.

Felicity said: “Although most parents don’t have the money for a multilingual nanny, Kate and William have got the right idea when it comes to teaching foreign languages at a young age.

“Luckily, there are far more accessible ways of teaching languages like French and Spanish, and at Kidslingo, our fun and affordable language classes are the perfect answer.

“When a child learns a second language, they indirectly absorb the mechanics of language. This improves their ability to understand English grammar, betters their listening skills and makes them communicate more effectively.

“At Kidslingo, we find that youngsters aren’t as insecure as adults and are often more confident to say things without fear of embarrassment. This makes the toddler years a fantastic time for them to learn a new language and gives them a confidence that can be carried through life.”

Kidslingo is a children’s language franchise business that teaches French and Spanish to over 8,000 babies, toddlers and primary school kids through a national network of 100 franchisees and tutors. Its innovative approach is based on the science of learning, and uses a clever mix of music, games, role-play, drama and storytelling.

To promote inclusivity in its sessions, Kidslingo has recently introduced the use of Makaton in its lessons.

In a bid to encourage more families in the area to lead by the royal’s example, Felicity’s branch of Kidslingo is offering a free session to all new attendees at her classes at Boundary Café in Potton and Orchard Community Centre in Biggleswade.

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