Tourism centre set to shut in New Year


Sandy Town Council has taken the decision to close its Tourist Information Centre in order to concentrate its resources on other areas of work.

Mayor Will Jackson said: “In recent years the number of personal visitors to the centre has declined considerably as more and more people use the internet.

“At the same time the council’s general workload has expanded significantly, not least through changes to legislation and the focus on the localism agenda which encourages communities to take increasing responsibility for local services.

“We want to promote Sandy and the immediate area but we cannot justify a tourism service promoting UK-wide attractions any more.

“We will continue to provide information about the town council and the work we do, as well as promoting activities in Sandy and access to the countryside around us.

However, local Sandy resident Mrs Stainton said: “This council is just dreadful. I just can’t believe it. To close a service just like that without consulting the voters and the tax payers is not good enough.

“The service the Tourist Information Centre gives is wonderful.

“I just wonder what the council does with the money we pay in as council tax.”