Town council condemns Biggleswade bridge responses as ‘pathetic’

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Updates on the fate of the Stratton Street bridge works were described as ‘pathetic’ at a meeting of Biggleswade Town Council.

Councillors expressed their fury at the continued delay to replace the rail bridge, which has been closed since December and should have re-opened this month, but is now earmarked for June.

Contractors have said continued bad weather, including Storm Eva at Christmas, hampered work.

But councillors at last month’s town council meeting described the performance of Central Ceds Council and its contractors as “appalling”.

Cllr Bernard Rix called for a Freedom of Information request (FOI) to uncover the situation behind the delay.

Councillors heard that information released was pathetic, with excuses of work not being completed due to low night-time temperatures requiring a quicker setting product than the product used.

Neither CBC, nor the Contractor has offered any clear evidence to support steps being taken to mitigate this delay the meeting was told.

Members also expressed their concern over the severe impact on Biggleswade businesses.

The closure of the bridge has meant the town has effectively been split in half, with one way systems and traffic delays.

Cllr Duncan Strachan described a response from the Chairman of CBC Cllr David Bowater to a letter from the town’s Mayor Hazel Ramsey, as ‘discourteous’ after he had not sent a personal reply.

Councillors agreed the bridge reports will be discussed at each council meeting until work is finished and the High Street is reopened to the public . Cllr Rix said he would submit an FOI to Central Beds in the subject.