Town plan is to go forward for 
a referendum


Residents in Arlesey are being given the opportunity to vote on the town’s proposed Neighbourhood Plan.

A referendum is being held on November 30.

The report, which has been finalised by a steering committee of volunteers, supported by Arlesey Town Council, sets out proposals for the town up until 2031.

It follows on from consulations with residents over the past two years.

If approved, it gives Arlesey the chance to shape future development in the town although it cannot be used to block developments.

The plan covers

>Residential development

>Transport and movement


>Local heritage

>Community infrastructure


In a summary of the report the steering committee says : “The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is to guide development within the parish and provide guidance to any interested parties wishing to submit planning applications for development within Arlesey. The process of producing the Plan has sought to involve the community as widely as possible and the different topic areas are reflective of matters that are of considerable importance to Arlesey: its residents, businesses and community groups.”

The final version can be found on the Arlesey Town Council website at