Traffic calming measures set to be installed on Station Road in Sandy

Sandy Town Council is supporting the scheme - having raised concerns over speeding

By Euan Duncan
Friday, 28th May 2021, 6:32 pm
Updated Friday, 28th May 2021, 6:34 pm

More traffic calming measures and a 20mph speed limit are to be installed on a stretch of Station Road in Sandy.

Two speed humps were part of a scheme approved in September 2019 to reduce speeds.

Site visits and a review "revealed significant use of an uncontrolled crossing point which could be improved further", according to a report to Central Bedfordshire Council's traffic management meeting.

The measures will include a 20mph speed limit

A raised crossing close to 1a Station Road forms part of a revised scheme, with a 20mph speed limit from the junction with the B1042 to the Tesco entrance, said the report.

It also covers Woolfield, Brandreth Place, Spencer Road, Willow Rise and Roman View.

"Station Road has surface defects which need addressing before other improvements," it added.

Seven responses were received, with two opposing a raised table and a request for a more formal crossing point.

Three of the representations were in favour of the 20mph limit, two in favour with amendments, and two against the reduction.

Principal highways officer Lisa Wright said: "We looked before at installing a 20mph speed limit along Station Road, including the side roads, otherwise it may encourage speeding along those.

"We considered moving the crossing closer to the roundabout, but because of the layout and the width of the road it doesn't work there.

"We'll look at the drainage as part of the design details. The speed limit zone is shortened as far as Centurion Walk, which is private so couldn't be included."

Sandy Town Council supports the new scheme, having been concerned over speeding issues in 2019.

Conservative Sandy councillor Tracey Stock said: "We welcome the suggested improvements to Station Road because that's been an ongoing issue.

"We need some assurances, including whether it's a chance to reroute HGVs from coming through Market Square.

"Will there be white line markings on the entrance to the railway station?" she asked.

"Coming out of that entrance in the winter it's really dangerous. There's no lighting there."

Conservative Sandy councillor Caroline Maudlin said: "We fully support this, although the town council would like to see the 20mph zone extended further.

"Perhaps when the planning application comes forward opposite the supermarket we can review this.

"When the first application came before us in September 2019 you did commit to looking at the whole junction area.

"It's a wide open space and there isn't an ingress or exit point enabling motorists to know where to turn in and out.

"And there's the drainage, so that 1a Station Road doesn't have an extra large swimming pool outside his garage."

Team leader traffic management Paul Salmon referred to the HGVs weight limit as "a far bigger scheme we need to work on", saying "That would involve a huge amount of consultation and delivery.

"This is a section 106 funding scheme from Centurion Walk. A dual use footway and cycleway was installed.

"The 20mph will reinforce this, along with the raised measures to make the speed limit zone self-enforcing.

"We won't extend it beyond Tesco because we feel it will lose its impetus.

"When we know what the planning opposite the supermarket is going to be, business or residential, we can encompass alot of the concerns."

Ms Wright added: "The rail company are happy with the proposals to close one entrance and have it two-way at the other.

"The majority of the junction is our land to control. We'll review the drainage as part of the detailed design."

Conservative Arlesey councillor Ian Dalgarno, who chairs the meeting, moved the proposals as set out.