Tributes to Captain Wynne, 
an ‘old school true gentleman’

Captain Frederick Owen Stuart Wynne 1933- 2015. PNL-150302-162108001
Captain Frederick Owen Stuart Wynne 1933- 2015. PNL-150302-162108001

Captain Frederick Owen Stuart Wynne of the Tempsford Estate has died at the age of 81.

Owen Wynne, as he preferred to be known, passed away on the evening of Saturday, January 31.

He was born at Tempsford Hall on June 17 1933 to Group Captain Frederick Robert Wynne and Kathleen Anne Pole Wynne nee Stuart.

Owen had an older sister Lucy and a younger sister Althea.

A large oak tree stands in the grounds of Tempsford Hall today, planted in 1933 to commemorate Owen’s baptism.

Owen was educated at Lancing College in Sussex, and in September 1955 married Susan Sheilah Bushell.

The couple had one son, Owen Christopher Robert Wynne, known as Christoper, who was born in August 1959.

Christopher married Susan Jennifer Tuckett in July 1981 and gave Owen and Susan a grandson, Andrew Owen Robert Wynne, who was born in May 1983 and has recently married.

The family can boast a very interesting lineage, which can be traced to both the Royal Houses of Scotland and 

They are also related to
Admiral Sir William Penn, who founded Pennsylvania 
in the United States of America, and Sir John Stuart the third Earl of Bute, Prime Minister from 1762 
to 1763 and confidant to King George III, to name but a few.

The Wynne family came to Tempsford in 1933, when Owen’s mother Kathleen inherited the Tempsford and Sutton Cheney Estates from her first cousin once removed.

Kathleen’s father was a first cousin of William Dugald Stuart, who passed away at Tempsford Hall in 1922.

Dugald’s widow Millicent lived on at the hall, until her death in 1933.

The estate then passed to Kathleen and then on to Owen. To date, the family has owned the Tempsford Estate for nearly 191 years, although they sold the hall and park to Dr Hales in 1949, who subsequently sold it to Kiers in 1964.

Owen Wynne was one of the old school true gentlemen of the landed class.

He was a very conscientious and fair landlord, a gentleman of high principles and extremely generous and kind hearted towards all who had dealings with him.

Although an absent landlord, he lived on his Estate in Warwickshire, he was a great benefactor to Tempsford.

Both he and his wife Susan supported many of the activities and fundraising events that went on in the parish and took a keen interest in village affairs, supporting them if called upon.

It was a proud day for the village when he visited Tempsford in December 2000, to officially open its Millennium Garden Sanctuary.