Vet from Italy joins multi-national team at Biggleswade practice

Gianmarco Cornacchini joins Coutts veterinary practice in Biggleswade
Gianmarco Cornacchini joins Coutts veterinary practice in Biggleswade

A new vet has been welcomed at a practice in Biggleswade - joining a truly multi-national team.

Christmas came a little early for Coutts Veterinary Practice (Medivet) with the arrival of Gianmarco Cornacchini, who will be working full time alongside Theo Bredell, who is South African and Maitane Sanchez, who is Spanish.

Gianmarco, 26, qualified from Peruglia, in central Italy, in 2013 and has since been working in a small animal hospital in Rome,

His experience there included helping with surgical emergencies, and one most memorable when he was second surgeon operating on a Rottweiler cross with breathing problems who developed a gastric dilation, a very tricky procedure. The pet suffered complications but following lengthy surgery the dog made a full recovery.

Another case he recalls was a Boxer who had eaten a long walking sock and his bowels were so damaged more than one metre had to be removed - but he too is alive and well.

A spokeswoman for the practice, based in Shortmead Street, said: “Gianmarco has set up home in Biggleswade and although he is missing his dogs Ra and Ettore who are German pointers, he has developed a passion for chocolate chip cookies, sweets and Twinings breakfast tea - ideally accompanied by a full english breakfast!

“We want to welcome Gianmarco to the UK and to the practice. Please stop by in December to meet Gianmarco - you may even be chosen to receive a special treat from our Advent vet or unveil one of our Advent stars in the window - these courageous pets will be telling their stories throughout the month.

These pets feature on the practice’s 2016 calendar, available priced £5, in aid of the Guide Dogs charity.