Villages not included in internet plan

Superfast Broadband
Superfast Broadband

Independent councillor, Adam Zerny has discovered that Central Beds Council has put out a £7.5m broadband tender which will have only one company bid for it despite a number of villages being at risk of not receiving any cover.

The council has acknowledged that Cockayne Hatley, Tempsford and Eyeworth are not down as receiving superfast broadband on their existing plan.

Councillor Zerny said: “This is a real concern for people who live in these villages.

“The council need to do everything they can to ensure their broadband plan covers everyone, not just those who live in towns.”

In December 2013, Central Beds announced its superfast broadband plan.

You can view a map of the areas they plan to cover at

The tender is due to end at the beginning of February but the council has already intimated that it may extend the deadline.

A group of councillors will consider the final tender.