Walking the Ivel to help Henry’s cause

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I am: Lucy Cox, 33, of Ibbett Lane in Potton.

Local connections: I work at Manor Farm Day Nursery in Sandy.

What is the event? Walking the Ivel on Saturday, April 11.

What the event entails: Walking 21 miles following the Ivel from its source to the Ouse.

Who is taking part? Henry’s Mum, Andrea and friends and supporters of ‘Just Give Henry a Voice’.

Who are you raising money for? ‘Just Give Henry a Voice’ for Henry Campbell, a local three-year-old twin with quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.

Why have you chosen this charity? Henry attends my children’s nursery.

How much are you hoping to raise? We have an ambitious target of £30,000.

How are you preparing for the event? I am walking any distance possible in between looking after my two children and working as well as walking the dogs!

How can people support you? Via the Just Giving Page: www.justgiving.com/justgivehenryavoice

Any other interesting information: The blog of Henry’s father is informative, heart warming and emotional. You can read it at www.henrys-dad.tumblr.com