Waltzing through 60 happy years together

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A couple who met while out dancing have been in step ever since.

James and Mary Hutchinson met at a dance in Hitchin town hall in 1954, and two years later they married at All Saints Church in Shillington on March 24, 1956.

Mary, aged 83, has lived in the village all her life and Jim, aged 88 is from Arlesey. When they were courting he would travel on his bike to Shillington.

Mary was a pupil of Shillington school and Jim went to school in Arlesey.

On when they met, Mary said: “Friendship blossomed and we went to shows and things. We loved ballroom dancing, waltzing and all that, and tea dancing.”

Jim worked as a labourer and in factories while Mary worked for a while at Westleys in Luton.

The couple have two children, Linda and David, and two grandchildren.

They still live on Hanscombe End Lane in Shillington and Mary puts the secret of their 60 years together as “Give and take, you do what you can together.

“We used to go out dancing and have nice holidays together, we’ve got the memories of those.

“I can’t really believe it’s true and its been this long.”

The couple, and their family, were planning to raise a glass yesterday, on their anniversary, to celebrate.