War memorial is listed to mark Remembrance

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Three Bedfordshire war memorials have been listed to mark Armistice Day.

Wrestlingworth, Caddington and two memorials to brothers at Sharpenhoe and Whipsnade are among 50 being listed in the country.

The listings are the latest in Historic England’s pledge to protect 2,500 memorials by 2018, marking the centenary of the First World War.

The Wrestlingworth memorial in the churchyard of St Peter in the village, was designed by A Hunt, a Sandy monumental mason who was also responsible for the Sandy war memorial, and unveiled on 18 May 1922 by Lady Delia Peel and dedicated by Rev R S Bagshaw. Controversially the planners went ahead without diocesan approval as the celtic cross was not deemed appropriate for the Church of England and the use of granite was not considered right for the area.

There were 15 names from the First World War, including the son of the landlords of the Queen Victoria pub in the village and after the Second World war two more names were added.

John Neale, Planning Director for the East of England, said: “Over a million Britons lost their lives in the First World War. It’s important that their sacrifice is not forgotten – and that the lessons learnt during that time are as resonant now as they were then. War memorials are a valued part of our heritage and it is absolutely fitting that we cherish and preserve them for future generations.

“Whether we have relatives whose names are on local memorials, or who fought alongside those who died, we all have a connection with remembrance. I would urge everyone to make sure their local memorial is in good condition. If it isn’t, then Historic England, War Memorials Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund all have grants and advice available.”