Warning after electric blanket fire

Fire & Rescue
Fire & Rescue

Bedfordshire fire and Rescue Service is urging people to check their electric blankets after being called to a house fire in Nichols Close, Luton at 1.42am on Sunday.

They found that a small fire in a bedroom caused by an electric blanket had already been extinguished. They used a fire hose to damp down the mattress and then used Positive Pressure Ventilation to clear smoke from the property.

One man was treated by the ambulance service for minor burns to his hands.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue is asking people to check their old electric blankets and where possible buy new ones or swop to cosy mattress toppers instead.

People should look out for signs that your electric blanket is beyond its best:-

· Fraying fabric

· Scorch marks

· Exposed elements

· Creasing or folding

· Soiling

· Damp patches

· Tie tapes damaged or missing

· Worn flex

· Loose connections

If your blanket or any part of the wiring shows any of these danger signs, you should replace it. BFRS also recommend that anyone using an electric blanket should have it tested at least every year by a qualified electrician.