‘Wet cleaning is the new way to wash clothes’

Pete Johnson and Teresa Robinson outside Kleen-Eco
Pete Johnson and Teresa Robinson outside Kleen-Eco

A new, environmentally- friendly ‘eco’ laundrette promises to revolutionise the way we wash our suits and jackets ... at least in Biggleswade.

Kleen-Eco opened yesterday in the Saxon Centre and offers an alternative method to dry-cleaning by using, of all things, water.

“It’s a method that’s been about in Germany for 21 years and in France for about 15”, explains owner Pete Johnson.

“Over there, some detergents used in this country are not allowed.”

Pete and his wife Lucy have lived in Biggleswade for three years. Previously, Pete worked as a sales director while Lucy was a consultant at IBF.

They left their corporate careers in London with a view to embark on something altogether more organic.

Pete said: “Initially, when we started we just planned on setting up a high-quality dry-cleaning service but after we started investigating, we stumbled on an alternative solution called wet cleaning.”

Wet cleaning works by using “highly sophisticated” washers and dryers. Clothes traditionally used for dry-cleaning are instead gently rinsed with water and a non-irritant detergent.

Pete said: “One of the major things you need to clean anything properly is to use water. By doing that, you’re removing odours and sweat.

“Also, the detergents used in wet cleaning are much less likely to cause irritation to skin.”

According to Pete, it can even be used to clean the most complicated items, such as leather jackets, handbags, suede shoes and ugg boots.

The business is currently reaching out to corporate clinets in the area, and will offer a delivery service to drop off cleaned items. See www.kleen-eco.co.uk for details.