Wheelchair granny ordered out of cafe

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A great grandmother says she was ordered out of a Biggleswade cafe because of her wheelchair.

And her daughter, Jeannie Freeman, is now demanding an apology from the manager of Cafe 8.

Her 88-year-old mother, who is a regular at the cafe, was treating the volunteer who had taken her into town for the morning on Saturday to a coffee at around 11am at the business on Market Square.

But she says when the volunteer moved a chair to put the wheelchair under a table they were approached by the manager who told them they would have to leave and could use the cafe across the road which had outside seating.

“It’s the only time she goes out, I’m absolutely disgusted with them,” said Mrs Freeman. “She has been there before and there has never been a problem.”

Her mother, a widow who does not want to be named, has only been using a wheelchair for around a year. Before that she used a walker to get around and had used the cafe before to treat the volunteers.

“It isn’t good enough,” said Mrs Freeman. “I used to work with elderly people and you shouldn’t be treating them like that.”

Mrs Freeman says she spoke to the cafe manager after the incident who just kept saying he was very sorry.

The Chronicle tried to contact the cafe manager this week but was told he has now gone on holiday.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act disabled people have the right not to be discriminated against when usng services, including those in hotels, pubs and shops.