Will Max bring Oscar glory back to town?

Talented Max Williams will be mingling with movie stars after his film was nominated for an Oscar.

Director of Photography Max, 31, of Biggleswade, will be heading off to the glittering awards ceremony to see if animation The Bigger Picture picks up the prestigious Best Short Film – Animation gong.

The short film, which uses never before seen techniques, has already picked up a staggering number of awards at festivals across the globe, and been nominated for a BAFTA.

The film was produced by a team of talented students at the National Film School, which was voted the best film school in the world by the Hollywood Journal.

Max was one of only eight people selected out more around 800 for a place on his course, and has already worked in documentaries for the likes of National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

However, he decided to head back to school so he could break in to drama.

Max explained: “It took nine months from seeing the script to completing it, and it was very tough, especially for the animators.

“Because it was a new technique, we couldn’t go to the tutors for help because no one had ever done it before. We were making it up as we went along, so there was quite a lot of standing around working out how best to proceed.

“There were lots of big unknowns for us. None of us had ever worked on a project like this before.”

The stop-motion animation technique involves life-size wall-painted characters moving around in full-size sets, interacting with real objects.

And while the group thought the film might do well, they had no idea it would go on to be as successful as it has.

Max said: “Last year I got an email saying it had been shortlisted for an Oscar nomination and I thought ‘wow, I didn’t think we’d get anywhere near an Oscar’. That was the shortlist of ten, and only three are picked.

“I don’t really know how to deal with it. I must admit I’m a bit daunted about being there with all these movie stars.

“When we did it, we were just students, now there’s a good chance I’m going to be sitting there having lunch with Bradley Cooper. I’m going to feel like such a fraud!”

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the team is already planning its next ambitious project.

Max said: “We’re going to push the technique to the next level. There’s going to be some real evolution of the technique, which I think is important. We’re really going to push the envelope.”

You can find out more, and help fund the project, at www.thebiggerpicturefilm.com/