A series of grisly stories from Northampton's history will be told at interactive talks.
A series of grisly stories from Northampton's history will be told at interactive talks.

It might be getting spooky outside, as the ghosts and goblins begin to descend on Central Bedfordshire, but research suggests that it’s the pumpkins that should be scared this Halloween.

Residents are being asked to go on a rescue mission and Central Bedfordshire Council is asking residents to save their pumpkins from a gruesome doom, and to re-use or recycle any unnecessary food waste.

Pumpkins are not just for decoration – they can also be used to serve up a very delicious treat during Halloween. The insides can be made into a number of recipes, and their outsides can later be either composted or recycled by the council into energy if you have a food waste collection.

Whilst as many as 10 million pumpkins are grown in the UK each year, 95% will be carved into hollowed-out lanterns for Halloween and only 5% will be used for soups, stews and pies say Pumpkin Rescue, a registered charity promoting the recycling of food waste.

Cllr Budge Wells, Deputy Executive Member for Community Services at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “I am thrilled that we’re sparing a thought for pumpkins this Halloween. We want to help our residents to make the most of leftovers and show their commitment to reducing, re-using and recycling food waste.

“Halloween is a great opportunity to help children understand where food comes from and to involve them in cooking a simple meal alongside their pumpkin carving. The pumpkins we display in our windows and on our front doorsteps are edible: you can use the carved-out flesh to create a variety of tasty meals.

“Once your Halloween pumpkin is ready for retirement, remember to compost it or place it in your food waste recycling bin. Home composting not only reduces your carbon footprint but is also a great addition to your usual recycling habits. It’s also fantastic for your garden and saves you money on commercial garden compost too.”