Young artists showcase dazzling works to parents and guests

Stratton art
Stratton art

A dazzling array of artwork by GCSE and A Level students at Stratton Upper School has gone on display for a summer exhibition.

The art department proudly showcased the strong skills and diverse imagination of students across a wide range of disciplines, from fine art and textiles to photography and art graphics.

Stratton art

Stratton art

The stunning works were enjoyed by a select audience who attended the private view on the evening of Monday, June 19, in the school’s exhibition hall to celebrate the success and hard work of the school’s young artists.

Family members, friends and teachers attended the viewing, which had something to cater for every taste and interest.

The family of GCSE student Holly Griffiths were impressed upon seeing the outcome of their daughter’s hard work. Her mum Ardene said: “It’s so different seeing the finished work on display after watching Holly work on it at home. I’m very proud!”

Chloe Bassett, also a GCSE art student, wowed her family with her paintings. Her mum Sue said: “It’s so great to see her finished artwork after seeing her put a lot hard work and time into really fine details like the hair.”

Stratton art

Stratton art

Katie Charter, mum to young artist Lydia, said: “It’s beautiful, so lovely. So much work has gone into Lydia’s art and it’s really nice to see the progression it has made.”

Head of Art Lesa Welch said: “I am so proud of the students and the work they have produced. It is always lovely to see it on display at the end of the year and for the students to get the recognition they deserve. The work is so varied and that is what really makes me happy.

“We are so lucky to teach so many specialisms in art and the students benefit greatly from the opportunity to express themselves in a form they are happy with.

“This is the last Stratton exhibition for Miss Bell and myself. I will be leaving here after starting in 2002. I have seen so many changes and the department has grown and flourished.

Stratton art

Stratton art

“I am pleased to boast that our pass rates are great and our students are happy and this is everything I set out to achieve. Miss Bell and I both are fans of the art works of the artists Bob and Roberta Smith, their art pieces ‘All schools should be art schools’ and ‘Art makes children powerful’ have inspired our teaching and ignited our passion in inspiring a future generation of artists in the Biggleswade area.”

As well as impressive work by GCSE and A Level artists, there is also some exceptional artwork on display by year 9 and 10 students .

These students have paid homage to their local area in a series of remarkable paintings and drawings, and these pieces were specially selected for due to the promising creativity and talent shown by these young students.

Also in attendance was former Stratton head of art Helen Mason, one of the artists that inspired the year 9 artists to take a creative and highly individual approach with the ‘Scenes of Biggleswade’ project.

Students studied her colourful and abstract landscape paintings and were particularly interested in her unusual birds-eye view portrayal of Stratton Upper School.

Mrs Mason said: “I am very proud to have been an inspiration to the students for this project. Their work is lovely and it is wonderful to see such emerging talent from the younger years. I can see that future exhibitions will be just as good.”

The year 9 artwork also proved very popular with current Stratton staff. Science teacher Corinne Kay said that the work is “Beautiful! The level of detail in some of them is awesome!” and deputy head Jane Harper described the art as “Really, really lovely work”.

Stratton receptionist Nicole Barreiras spotted an entrepreneurial opportunity for the talented youngsters, remarking “These are fab. They’d make great postcards for Biggleswade. I’d buy one!”

The Stratton Upper School GCSE and A Level exhibition is open to the public weekdays during school hours until July 17 and you are welcome to visit and support these young artists.