Search launched for a professional pillow tester to review hotels – and be paid £100 for each night’s sleep

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed that 75 per cent of Brits confessed bad sleep ruins their holiday.

Only 12 per cent claim to sleep well in hotel beds due to the pillows, with nearly a third ( 29 per cent) resorting to bringing their own pillows on holiday with them.

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The research has led to a newly created dream role - the hunt is on for a Chief Pillow Officer to test pillows over 52 two-night stays at a variety of top UK hotels.

The professional pillow tester will help inform holidaymakers decision making - by snoozing on the job.

The successful applicant will get paid £100 for each stop over in exchange for comments on the size and firmness of the hotels pillows.

They will also be asked to give hotels, including Luton Hoo, The Chester Grosvenor & Spa, The Chesterfield Mayfair and the Carnoustie Golf Hotel & Spa, a star rating based solely on the pillows.

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Reviews are important

This comes as 59 per cent of those polled by hotel booking platform hoo admit they get a better nights kip at home instead.

And 51 per cent would consider booking a different hotel if they read a negative review about how someone slept poorly at the hotel.

While nearly a third (31 per cent) have even asked a hotel concierge to change their pillows because they were not to their liking.

Sleep is so important to travellers on a trip away, that 40 per cent would even check out of a hotel and look for another if the sleeping arrangements werent up to scratch.

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The perfect amount of sleep on holiday is eight hours, according to 42 per cent of OnePoll respondents, while 49 per cent named two pillows as their ideal number to sleep on.

Poor quality pillows also beat holidaymaker gripes such as over-indulging in the hotel buffet, thick blankets, early sunrise and being unable to switch off from work, with 23 per cent blaming unsuitable pillows for having a bad nights sleep on holiday.

Hoo, which lets travellers make an online offer for a better deal on hotel rooms, devised the opportunity after a turbulent two years where many saw trips cancelled in a bid to help them have a restful nights sleep when they do get away.

Co-founder Adrian Murdock said: "We want to give customers a more informed choice when it comes to picking their stay.

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"This role is the real deal and the winning candidate will be a part of the Customer Experience Team athoo,wheretheir vital on-location dispatches will inform our customer's decision making, when it comes to them booking their own holiday.

We really want to understand what guests are experiencing in some of Britains best hotels and what better way to do so than to get out on the road and deliver insider knowledge on which hotels will provide you with the best nights sleep.

Applications need to submit a 150-word review of their own pillows before 29 April on hoos website or on LinkedIn.

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