Biggleswade runners leave couch to become 5k stars

Runners have successfully completed Biggleswade AC's first ever Couch to 5K training programme with a graduation run.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 6th August 2016, 8:28 am
Biggleswade AC Couch to 5K runners after their graduation run. PNL-160308-094335002
Biggleswade AC Couch to 5K runners after their graduation run. PNL-160308-094335002

For the past 10 weeks Biggleswade AC coache, Paul Davies and Giles Hawthorne, along with the support of many club members, have been leading the programme which proved to be exceptionally popular. Within a week of the course being announced more than 60 people had signed up.

The training programme took the form of a weekly coached session with a further two ‘homework’ sessions to be carried out at the runner’s convenience. Many did their homework sessions together, and supported each other as they progressed from running for just a minute to running for 30 minutes, non stop.

Bedford parkrun was selected to be the graduation 5K for the runners and, on the day, more than 35 turned up, all proudly wearing their Biggleswade AC Couch to 5K ‘Finishers’ t-shirts. The start line was a sea of blue as the 35 graduates were also joined by more than 20 members of Biggleswade AC, who came along to either run or support them along the course.

After their morning’s exertions everyone gathered for a post-run picnic brunch, in the park, to celebrate the occasion.

The next programme is planned to start on Wednesday, September 14, for more information go to and click on the link for Couch to 5K.

Biggleswade AC Couch to 5K Graduation parkrun - Bedford:

15 John Stott 20:55; 51 Malcolm Steward 23:00; 122 Tom Goodfellow 26:01; 165 Jess Godfrey 27:38; 187 Sarah-Jane Seaman 28:35; 203 Lucy Rands 29:33; 231 Gareth Saynor 30:59; 236 Sarah Fuggles 31:08; 256 Helen Steward 32:19; 267 Monika Dolan 32:54; 287 Rachel Hallam Stott 33:54; 290 Lisa Babbage 33:59.

305 Jon Fediw 34:50; 310 Joanna New 35:03; 319 Jackie Warren 35:44; 320 Emma Bell 35:44; 324 Hellen Anderson 36:05; 337 Corinne Calligan 37:16; 340 Shelley Doggett 38:19; 341 Becca Tycer 38:22; 352 Bal Morley 39:51.

353 Angela Desborough 39:51; 354 Shani Giddings 39:51; 358 Julie Cooke 40:15; 364 Clair Huxtable 41:54; 368 Vikki Vowles 43:58; 369 Evette Smith 43:58; 375 Jacqui Thompson 45:49; 376 Sophie Adams 45:56; 378 Anita Taylor 46:22; 381 Sara Masella 46:40; 386 Miranda Dixon 49:04; 389 Deborah Cockcroft 49:15; 390 Jane Day 49:16; 393 Clare Bridgman 52:33.

Wednesday, July 27 was also Biggleswade AC’s 5K championship race at Bedford Harriers’ Doug Anderson 5K in Bedford.

There was a smaller turnout than in previous years of runners from the club but still some very good results.

Hannah Broom, having been convinced to enter this race just days prior, was crowned the ladies champion while there was a very good run from John McGrath whose excellent time helped secure his position as the men’s champion, as well as being the third male V50.

Hannah also won awards for first female in the V35 age category as well as being confirmed the ladies county V35 champion.

There were also age category wins in the county championships for Charlie Arnold (3rd MV60) and Nigel Bush (3rd MV65).

Doug Anderson 5k, Bedford – July 27

26 Paul Cooke 18:19, age graded result 17:26; 32 John McGrath 18:40, 16:04 Male Club Champ 3rd MV50; 72 Charles Arnold 21:27, 17:15 3rd MV60; 93 Hannah Broom 22:07, 21:50 Lady Club Champ County Champ (V35); 106 David Brown 22:33, 18:27; 109 Damien Pitts 22:36, 22:20; 143 Neil Harvey 24:02, 20:00; 144 Nigel Bush 24:04, 18:10 3rd MV65; 146 Christopher Clarke 24:15, 19:00; 152 Ian Grimwood 24:21, 18:54; 229 Simon Strong 27:39, 24:58; 266 Julia Mackay 30:22, 26:09; 283 Claire Smyth 31:20, 30:56; 314 Roo Goodwin 34:10, 33:43.