Great medals haul and a flood of PBs

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Biggleswade SC was represented by a squad of 30 swimmers at the Open Meet held by their training partner– Mid Beds Swim Squad and they came away with a flood of PBs and medals.

Max Richards (11) was the first to show how it is done with a 19s PB in the 400m freestyle to claim first in his age group. Then in the 200m IM Toni Stanton (9) claimed silver as did Rachel Andrews (11). Katie Cheeseright set a 16s PB and Rhea Mason (11) a 7s PB. Emma Metcalfe (12) set a 11s PB while Olivia Stebbing (12) took 15s from her PB. Iona Gourlay (15) took the first bronze medal.

Rhea Mason and Rachel Andrews took silver and bronze in the 100m freestyle – while Katie Cheeseright took a 2s PB. Emma Horsford (13) set a 2s PB; Olivia Thomas (15) won bronze, Emily Saunders (15) shaved 0.4s off her PB and Sian Jones (16) won a gold medal. The 100m breaststroke saw Will Robins (11) win gold with a 9s PB; Oliver Crowther (10) set a 3s PB; and Austin Lillywhite (12) won silver. Toni Stanton took the bronze in the 50m backstroke and Rhea Mason won gold. Iona Gourlay and Sian Jones both won silver medals.

In the 50m butterfly Will Robins won gold again taking 8s off his PB and Toby Tomlinson (13) won bronze. Then in the 400m IM Olivia Stebbing won gold with a 16s PB; and Lucy Hawkes (15) also won gold. In the 200m freestyle Oliver Crowther took the bronze medal with 18s off his PB; Max Richards and Austin Lillywhite both won silver while Sam Mercer took 17s off his PB and Toby Tomlinson 21s off his. The 200m breaststroke saw Toni Stanton win silver. Olivia Dickman and Ella Stebbing both set 13s PBs while Rachel Andrews won silver and Kirsty Campbell (12) bronze. The boys 100m butterfly saw Austin Lillywhite win bronze with a 5s PB.

The girls 100m backstroke brought a bronze medal for Annie Safford and Rhea Mason won silver. Claudia Saunders took 5s off her PB, and Iona Gourlay won silver. Max Richards won gold in the 200m backstroke as did Ben Horsford (15). In the 50m breaststroke Toni Stanton won bronze, Olivia Dickman and Ella Stebbing took 2s and 3s respectively off their PBs and Rachel Andrew took 0.3s off her PB to win gold. In the 50m freestyle Max Raynham set a 4s PB; Sam Townsend won gold with a 3s PB. Will Robins won gold and Max Richards bronze.

At the start of the second day, Rhea Mason won silver in the 400m freestyle with a 19s PB, while Rachel Andrews took 9s off her PB to win bronze. Olivia Stebbing also won bronze with a 50s PB while Lucy Hawkes and Sian Jones both won gold. In the 200m IM Max Richards won bronze with 8s off his PB and Austin Lillywhite silver with 10s off his. The boys’ 100m freestyle brought Oliver Crowther an 8s PB, Will Robins gold with a 5s PB and a 4s PB for Max Richards. In the 100m breaststroke Olivia Dickman and Ella Stebbing set 4s and 11s PBs; Olivia Stebbing and Kirsty Campbell set 3s and 11s PBs and Iona Gourlay won a silver.

In the 50m backstroke Oliver Crowther won bronze, Will Robins won gold and Max Richards bronze. Austin Lillywhite also won bronze while Ben Horsford won silver. Toni Stanton won silver in the 50m butterfly while Rachel Andrews won gold, Emily Saunders silver and Sian Jones won another gold.

In the final session Toni Stanton won bronze in the 200m freestyle with a 6s PB, Rhea Mason won silver also with a 6s PB, Emma Metcalfe set a 3s PB and Olivia Stebbing took 9s off her PB, and Sian Jones won gold. The 50m breaststroke saw Max Richards take 3s off his PB while Austin Lillywhite won silver with a 2s PB.

Rachel Andrews set a 2s PB to win gold in the 100m butterfly, while Lucy Hawkes won bronze and Sian Jones won another gold medal. Ben Horsford won gold in the 100m backstroke. In the 200m backstroke Olivia Dickman took a 16s PB, Rhea Mason and Iona Gourlay won silver. In the 50m breaststroke Max Raynham won bronze; Austin Lillywhite won silver and Toby Tomlinson bronze.

In the final event, 50m freestyle, Olivia Thomas and Sian Jones both won gold medals.

Overall the Biggleswade swimmers won 24 gold medals, 26 silver and 21 bronze.