Swift invite in Ben’s maiden season

Ben Tuck airborne. PNL-161210-162738002
Ben Tuck airborne. PNL-161210-162738002

Ben Tuck’s maiden Caterham Supersport season has kicked into high gear with a win, two seconds, two fastest laps and a lap record from the last three races.

The Sandy teenager’s recent performances resulted in him being invited by Lumena Lights Ltd to drive their Suzuki Swift Rallycross car in the Swift Sport Rallycross Championship at Pembrey.

The championship runs alongside the MSA British Rallycross Championship and is based on the 140bhp Suzuki Swift Rally car.

Ben said: “I love to race for the battling and the challenge of keeping the car absolutely on the edge of grip and traction whilst fighting for position.

“Rallycross is a perfect example of that challenge where the grip levels are changing all the time and the races are short, fierce and action packed!

“Rallycross clearly takes talent to be successful and requires all round ability to win, with great car handling, race craft, strategy and aggression.

“I’m so grateful to Lumena Lights for this opportunity, it’s great for my development and it’s an exciting challenge.”.

The opportunity comes ahead of a planned test in a GT5 Challenge specification Ginetta G40. “Yes they are really different cars, but as a driver it’s a great challenge to be quick in different types of car and I want to prove that I can adapt quickly and learn fast” said Ben.

“We’re searching hard for partners to share our successes and we’re looking at what options we have. I intend to demonstrate I have the ability to be competitive in whatever category we end up doing.”

Ben will resume Caterham Supersport duties at Donington Park on October 15 and 16 in the season finale.

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